Mind Mapping…Have You Tried It?

This morning around 2:30am, I couldn’t sleep… so I decided to take advantage of the “silence” and started creating what’s called a Mind Map. A Mind Map is a powerful strategy that was considered ” a thinking tool that reflects externally what’s going on inside of your head – like a Swiss Army knife for the brain” – by a gentleman named Tony Buzan. Here is his video to understand how Mind Mapping works:

For my purposes, I created my colored Mind Map w/ a free toll called http:www.bubbl.us – it took a little getting used to but I did get the hang of it. Here is what I created…sorry if the text is too small.


As for the original Mind Map I created, it needs a lot of improvement and needs to be highlighted with color but not bad for my very first attempt. Thjs truly helped me gain clarity!

My First Mind Map Attempt In Pencil...

My First Mind Map Attempt In Pencil...

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your pen and paper or head on to http://www.bubbl.us and create your own Mind Map! Be sure to come back to this blog and share your link with me so I can see what you created!

One thought on “Mind Mapping…Have You Tried It?

  1. That is an interesting insight into the mind of a woman.

    I must it was a lot more organised than I was expecting lol

    You come up with some really interesting content for your site 🙂

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