Mike Klingler’s Discussion: “Inspiration” or “Desperation”?

This morning, Mike Klingler – Co-Founder of Marketing Merge and Renegade Professional, posted a discussion on his Facebook Fan Page.  I had the huge desire to give my 2 cents worth and I would like to share that with you…  If you want to participate in Mike’s Discussion, you can find the link on the bottom of this post… I welcome your comments as always…

  • Mike Klingler I’ve gotta’ say, by including the word “Lasting” in my question you can tell what I’m driving at here. For lasting results, a person must move out of feeling anxiety, worry and ‘desperation’ in order to fully connect with others and themselves (both key to a successful thriving business).

    However, “desperation” is often the catalyst that drives people to movement… to take the initial action.

    So what we can achieve here is a discussion that not only answers the question that kicked off the topic, but also the answer to these questions:

    “How do we, as leaders, help people move from the initial phase of business development (desperation, anxiety, worry, doubt, etc) into the more empowering catalyst for creation (inspiration) which is what allows them to actually fulfill their goals in business?”

    “If someone hasn’t achieved success yet, how can they feel GOOD (inspired, confident) about the process?”

    I’m not just looking for external things people can do (like read books, listen to inspiring tapes, though if these have assisted you feel free to share). More so, how does the person approach the actual process of developing their business when they feel they don’t know what the heck they’re trying to do with their business yet?

    That’s a lot of questions all driving at the same thing… just let er lose! I’d like to hear from you.

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  • Emma Tiebens Wow Mike! Another thought and heart provoking discussion from you and I simply couldn’t resist chiming in. This was a HUGE issue for me as I evolved to where I am now and the clearer path I am heading now.

    Two years ago, I barely knew how to send an email. I built my home business using traditional marketing strategies and as I was learning them, I did feel a sense of accomplishment. However I noticed that every time I learned something, it necessitated me to continue to learn more and learn more, adding a dimension to everything I needed to learn… from basics to intermediate to advance, then learning other basics, then intermediate, then advanced. There was no such thing as a COMPLETE system because we all are in different stages in our lives and in our business where we come in from different angles.

    Right when I would think that one course, system or seminar is the ULTIMATE “Do-All, Be-All” to where I want to go, another pops out. Now, I don’t mind this because I am a proverbial learner… I LOVE learning new things, new technology and learning from Mentors who offer different strengths.

    This is where the dilemma was – (and I learned it the hard way). With acquiring new knowledge and skills comes great sacrifice – of money, of time, of friends. I had to make choices and sacrifices of being away from my family, limiting my social life and worst, arguments with my spouse (despite his 100% support of my dreams) everytime it involves the next financial investment to further my skills.

    I really thought for sure that with the time, effort and sacrifice I put into my “education” that I would have seen success within 1 year… the harder I pushed, the more elusive success became. I even began to doubt myself that I will ever see the congruency and success to everything I was doing.

    At some point, desperation set in… I did things out of desperation. Desperation became my driving force. Desperation to succeed, to prove to my detractors who didn’t understand what I was doing that such a thing will work. Desperation that if I don’t succeed, we will lose our home. Desperation to save ourselves from embarassment.

    One day, in a moment of meditation and prayer, I came to a realization that to be desperate is to COME FROM A PLACE OF LACK! I realized that everytime I acted in desperation, I felt this huge knot in my stomach… I was simply reacting out of fear. Suddenly, I got reminded: WHEN THERE IS FEAR, THERE IS NO FAITH!

    It was all I needed to have a “heart shift” – I made a decision to come from a place of INSPIRATION. I decide to do things because it is what I am called to do… Out of the blue, my Mentor Joel Bauer showed up and he took it to a different level where I discovered my gifts and passion and the purpose for them.

    Now, I come from a place of INSPIRATION. Everyday, I have a knowing that “something good is going to happen today” and I can’t wait to get out of bed because I know that what I am doing and where I am heading is so clear and so congruent with my life’s mission and purpose. Inspiration propells me to come from a place of abundance and not lack; the knowing the right people,the right message, the right books, courses and opportunities are going to come, effortlessly and that if we truly believe that God gives us the power to create the wealth and we’re operating from a place of LOVE, there is not stopping us!

    In short, motivation from DESPERATION is empty, ineffective and short lived… motivation from Inspiration is more powerful, highly effective and lasts an entire lifetime!


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    1. Hi Garrett!
      It’s such a treat to meet you! Thanks for stopping by… my son Garrett appreciates your comment on his blog too! Yes, 2 Rs, 2 Ts – double the trouble! 😉

      You are absolutely right about heart shifts… it’s POWERFUL! Looking forward to seing you around!

      Kind Regards,

      Emma 😉 (and Garrett)