Writing A Book With Mari Smith – A Dream Come True!

I filmed this video only a couple of months ago when I attended Seth Godin’s LIVE Event at the beautiful St. Regis Hotel and Spa in Dana Point, CA. Needless to say, I found out about this event from Mari Smith’s Twitter tweets.

If you are using social media for your online marketing efforts, you probably have already heard of the name Mari Smith. Fast Company dubbed her as the “Pied Piper Of Social Media Marketing” and rightfully so! I have known of Mari for over a year now and in fact, she has been my social media role model. Back in October 2008 when I was getting my feet wet in social media, I followed Mari Smith. What’s really impressive about her was her transparency, warmth and the genuine desire to always give value! Not to mention her incredibly contagious enthusiasm and energy! I remember how much I wanted to be like her “when I grow up”!

Fast forward 14 months later, I finally met Mari Smith in person! I remember driving to St. Regis Hotel that night knowing that I will be meeting her for the first time. I was also excited to know that I will also be seeing one of my social media “heroines” Coach Deb Micek. Looking back when I made the decision to attend Seth Godin’s event, I wondered whether to get the VIP Ticket for $199 or the standard for $49. I realized that to have the opportunity to meet Seth Godin, Mari Smith and Coach Deb would be sooo worth the $199 and so I gladly paid it!

The event was a huge success! When I got there, I was told that 800 people registered! Immediately I knew that buying the VIP Lounge ticket was a great decision! As soon as I walked in the lounge, there they were, all smiles and oh so welcoming, Mari Smith and Coach Deb! Having the “guru” status both of them have, it’s so refreshing to note that they are so real… so accessible and so warm!

Mari and I have been tweeting with each other and recently ventured on co-authoring a book with 18 other writers from all over the world, entitled ‘RELATIONSHIP AGE”. Truly in the noisy world on Internet Marketing, those who know how to build and foster relationships are the ones who will remain strong. There is a huge shift happening right now… Customers are becoming more savvy, more choosy and more in tune with who’s telling the truth. People who constantly give value are the ones who will be noticed more.

When the opportunity to co-author a book with Mari Smith was offered to me, it was a no-brainer, I knew this is truly where I can give more value along with other amazing entrepreneurs who share the same vision and future for Relationship Marketing.

My chapter will be about “Relationship Video Marketing” – Discover How To Attract, Nurture and Retain Your Perfect Clients Through Relationship Video Marketing!

I am so excited to share with you the beginning stages of our book… Yes, it will be sold on Amazon.com. It’s a dream come true… whether it becomes a New York Times bestseller, in my heart, it already is!

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2 thoughts on “Writing A Book With Mari Smith – A Dream Come True!

  1. Hey Emma!! Truly a delight and a pleasure that we get to work and play together!! 🙂 The Relationship Age is a fabulous collaborative project that will help many peeps, eh!


  2. Oh Mari! Such FUN indeed! THANK YOU for stopping by, reading my blogpost and leaving a comment… it’s going to be one AMAZING year for sure! Truly having known you is a dream come true! I am soooo grateful to have you in my life! I know I am not the only one feeling this way… you have touched many lives and empowered entrepreneurs in more ways that one!

    Praying heaps of blessings to you now and always!

    Great Big Hugs!!!
    Emma 😉