Sacred Sand Mandala Creation and Destruction by Drepung Loseling Monks

with The Traveling Tiebens

What a gift for Garrett Tiebens and I to witness the Sacred Mandala Creation by the Drepung Loseling Monks, from the Drepung Loseling, Mundgod, India creating an exquisite and sacred “White Tara Mandala”.

They have been creating since last Sunday and they will be working on it and completing it this Sunday, with a beautiful “Dissolution of the Mandala” directly after the service with a procession into the ocean. This truly is a RARE event that is a must experience!

Here’s Garrett with Thup Ten, after he blessed this beautiful clear quartz mala with a beautiful and sacred chant…  He also answered many of Garrett’s questions about the lives of monks, the monastery and what he needs to do to visit them.  They formed an immediate bond and it’s as if they have been friends for a long time!


This is our first time to see the highly intricate process, intention and skill that goes into the creation of these Sacred Mandalas.  It was mind-blowing to discover that each of these monks have memorized at least 12 of these Sacred Mandalas! This one was just one of those 12!

They start with ground limestone which they have dyed with vibrant hues, but only 5 main colors – Green, Blue, Red, Yellow and White.  A mandala is a flattened version of a palace of the deity they are creating it from.  It’s usually inspired by the birds eye view of the 3D version of the palace.  This is one of those palaces.

3D Mandala Palace


Even the “flattened” version has multiple layers. It’s absolutely beautiful! What makes it even more special is that these monks pour this very fine colored sand into a tapered metal tube with a hole on the small end of the tube called “Chak-purs”.   The monk on the left is Ngawang Nyima – who has been gracious enough to answer Garrett’s many questions.  They shake the tube and rub it with another tube to shake the colored sand into the mandala to create the image.  It takes so much time, and energy to create a very simple design! I was told that the monks are in a meditative state when they are creating the mandala.

Drepung Loseling Monks Mandala Creation

This particular mandala takes them 5-7  days to create and on the last day, they hold a beautiful and emotionally moving, Dissolution or Destruction of the Mandala Ceremony this Sunday, followed by Dispersal of the Sand in the ocean off Laguna Beach.  (Please see video below for highlights of the Dissolution Ceremony).

Garrett and I are so blessed to have the opportunity to speak with them, interview them and he even chanted with them! It was so beautiful! They have gift items for sale from Nepal and India to support the monks in their monastery. The creation of the mandala is mind-blowing! The monks have memorized the image of the mandala they are creating and as they build it, they are chanting and meditating. It’s quite remarkable! We did our best to capture as much as possible, to share with you in this video…


They are here at the Neighborhood Congregational Church Laguna Beach, in Laguna Beach, CA everyday until Sunday. Come and experience this for yourself! Washington Post describes it as: “A universal expression of the human subconscious… It transports you!” They are affiliated with the Drepung Loseling Monastery Inc..

Sunday, November 2, 2015 – Three days after our first visit, we came back today to capture the “Dissolution / Destruction of Sacred Mandala Ceremony” and the Dispersal of the Sand into the Ocean. There are no words to describe witnessing and experiencing this rare “Sacred Sand Mandala Dissolution Ceremony” with the Drepung Loseling Tibetan Monks from Drepung Loseling, Mundgod, India. I had no idea what to expect and I didn’t realize it was going to be a deep emotional experience, but it was.

Garrett Tiebens and I were able to capture the highlights of this ceremony that most people have to fly to India or Nepal to see. This is our gift to you. I trust it will transport you to a beautiful, sacred and serene place just as it did for us. Join us again next year! Blessings and “Tashi Delek” to you all…  Please check out our Photo Gallery below…

Thank you Amy Schuber of Inspired Conversations with Amy for letting us know about this!  For more information go to

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5 thoughts on “Sacred Sand Mandala Creation and Destruction by Drepung Loseling Monks

  1. Oh dearest Jason – thank you sooo much for appreciating and experiencing this with us! This was actually done in a congregational church, which is a combination of Christian and Catholic churches and every year, the monks visit for a week to do this. The priests sermon was so moving… it was about Oneness… I recorded it on my voice memo and I may create a photo montage with that on the background… Oh if I only had more time or a team of creatives, there’s so much I want to do! LOL! Love to you my dearest Friend! Big hugs!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing his very special ceremony with us. It does make you truly realise that there is nothing permanent in this world and that we should release our grasping to try and hold on to things. Much love and gratitude xxxxx

  3. Hello dear Pearl! Thank YOU so much for taking the time to read my post and watch our videos. This was the first time I heard of the Sacred Sand Mandala representing impermanence. What truly moved me about the whole thing was the irony of how in our lives, we work so hard towards many “goals” and we give our all – focus, efforts, resources, sacrifices, talents, compromises – and at times, our expectations don’t match the results and things come “crumbling down”.

    The monks worked hard on that mandala for 7 days straight… taking turns, meditating, chanting, pouring their devotion into it. Then to watch it slowly being destructed, and seeing the monks almost seeing praises as that was being done was to me the purest symbol of selflessness and detachment… it was sooooo beautiuful! I related that with my own life and the many times I tried to control the outcome of things. I now wear the locket with the sand inside it and I still feel the vibration from the sanctity of that moment in time. Much love to you and your family, Pearl! (Oh and I love your name as I LOVE PEARLS! I wear them often and it has become part of my brand. You will see most of my pictures wearing pearls by themselves or with gemstones. I have a post about pearls too… I’ll find it and share with you 😉