Let Go… Love… LIVE

It’s Easter morning… I was awakened at 3:30 am and I couldn’t go back to sleep.

The past 3 days were 3 of the most challenging days of my life.  I am mourning the loss of something that was once so beautiful.  Something that was the highlight of my life – something which I considered to be the best thing that could have ever happened to me and what I thought was the reason for my existence.  This experience  of betrayal shook me to my very core and is incomprehensible! I choose to not talk about the details at the moment.  I am choosing the higher road, but someday, I know I will speak about this online, offline and on the stages of the world as this could prove to be the most pivotal and triumphant moments of my life!  The “mess” in my message that will enable me to empower thousands if not millions of people! For now, I must go through the motions of



and trusting in no time to find


… Yet consciously CHOOSING to remain strong, steadfast and optimistic for my son and continue to be a role model for him.

I must go through the emotions and find inspiration from the pain as I do believe that when tragic situations happen in our lives, we must look past the hurt and bless the situation because it is through the toughest times that we truly discover WHO WE REALLY ARE.

Easter morning brings back fond memories.  Being born and raised Catholic, I remember as a little girl, how my Mom would wake all of us up to catch the “Easter Mass” which is actually a huge outdoor celebration of the Risen Christ.  They would have a huge larger than life statue of the Virgin Mary (Christ’s Mom) wearing a black veil  to symbolize her mourning, as Christ was crucified on Good Friday (used to be Black Friday or Easter Friday).  Every year, a little girl was hand-picked and dressed up to be the angel who was hoisted up in the air to remove Mary’s black veil.  The lifting of her veil symbolized the end of her mourning because Christ has risen and is followed by clapping and cheering and joyful noise as a huge statue of Christ is brought alongside her.  From there we would go home and eat a big breakfast to make up for partial fasting from Maundy Thursday.  For 3 days, we had to get in the mode of sacrifice and suffering to join in the commemoration of mourning Christ’s death.

The timing of what happened to my family on Maundy Thursday, and my 16-year wedding anniversary is rather interesting.  I have contemplated hibernating for a while as I “write” the next chapter of my life, but I realized that right here, right now, in LETTING GO,  lies the greatest opportunity for me to LOVE myself, God and more people even more.  It is through loving myself and nurturing my relationship with my Creator and Source that I can honestly say that I am able to fully LIVE.

Today on Easter morning, I celebrate RESURRECTION. I celebrate the remembrance of Jesus Christ and how we all matter to him.  I claim the restoration of  FAITH, TRUST and COURAGE in my life because these are the areas I am allowing full support for now.  I look forward to REBUILDING and reinventing my life – to fully enjoy and live the contrast and the experiences that my soul agreed to prior to coming here.  To fulfill my life’s purpose of Empowering, Engaging and Elevating many people’s lives around the world.

My life purpose as I wrote it on January 25, 2009 rings even more loudly today:

“To live a life on purpose and help others find theirs.  To help bring a measure of HOPE to the hopeless.  To be a light on a hill to guide others to see and to become unbelievably blessed so I can become a blessing.”

Do you have your life purpose etched in your heart?  If you’re reading this, perhaps it’s time for you to craft your own?  I encourage  you to write it down if you haven’t and revisit and refine it if you have.  When you know who you really are, it doesn’t matter what label people put on you.  You don’t waiver and you don’t compromise on your values and what others think of you does not derail your resolve to be your best self and live your best life!

Time heals all hurt and disappointment – I’ve had many in my life but I have learned to LET GO  of the negative emotions – the “what-ifs”, the self-sabotage, the hatred, the unreasonable expectations, the guilt, the stories.   It is only through letting go that we can LOVE ourselves and the God within, fully and unconditionally.  It’s only in being able to love, when we can say that were able to truly LIVE.

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