Leadership Mastery Starts With YOU!

I just got back from a phenomenal weekend at Marketing Funnel Mastery LIVE with Mike Klingler at the Palazzo in Las Vegas.  What a blessing to be one of the speakers whom Mike asked to speak there!  I spoke about one of the aspects of marketing and life that I am really passionate about and that is “Relationship Currency”.

I believe that we were born for relationships and what it brings us – encouragement,  inspiration, joy and having a sense of belonging.  Our lives our shaped by who we choose to surround ourselves with.  We have a need to follow leaders who truly and genuinely care to hold people’s hands and bring them success.

I awoke this morning thinking of 3 very special leaders who truly has the heart to help teach people real and implementable skills, as well as see them move forward…  I want to take the time to acknowledge and appreciate my friends DiDi Alcheva, Glenn Arcaro and Leta Russell.

I met DiDi 2 years ago at a live event.  At that time, I have heard of her as this incredible and very young collaborator for Renegade Professional.  Witnessing how she just took the online marketing “bull by the horn” truly earned my respect. We connected online but our relationship truly began when we finally met in person!

A year after I met DiDi, I met Glenn through DiDi… Prior to that, I already heard his name from a mutual friend George Fourie and I was literally blown away seeing his talent with conceptualizing, filming and editing videos!  I am a strong advocate of video marketing and witnessing Glenn’s prowess in this arena is quite impressive!  I finally met him at a live event almost a year ago and got the feel for his passion to serve.

The same time I met Glenn, I met Leta Russell in person! Again, at a live event!  three of them in person less than a year ago… guess where? At a live event!  Leta and I have been online friends prior to meeting in person which made it so easy to connect with her! It was as if we’ve known each other for years!  Leta is very methodical… she’s what I would call a “Clarity and Strategy Coach”. She is truly an expert in helping launch business and the art of “mind mapping”. I am grateful that she introduced me to that!
Last December, I had the privilege to have DiDi and Glenn attend my Relational Marketing Secrets LIVE event.  On Day 2 of my event, they came to me with such excitement saying “Emma, you’ve just inspired us to host our very first live event in March!”   I felt like a proud Mom!

That was the beginning of the birth of Leadership Mastery Live – their first ever live event on March 19 – 20, 2011.

The next few months, these 3 dug their heels, hosted free webinars, created massive value, fostered a community of entrepreneurs and and tapped into their powerful relationships they have forged in the past. Powerful industry leaders like Ann Sieg and Mike Klingler undeniably recommend them!

If you haven’t seen their video on why they were compelled to bring you Leadership Mastery Live, click below to see it NOW!

I know it’s a rather short notice…

I also understand that there are a lot of choices for events out there…

However, after having attended over 20 events last year, I know for a fact that Leadership Mastery LIVE will be an event where you will leave with something tangible to go home with.  This event will shave off long hours of painful learning curves having DiDi, Glenn and Leta guiding you step by step on how to really implement their “secrets” on Social Media, Video and MindMapping to create your own powerful strategy and really do something with it!

I will be there to support them and learn from them this weekend and I truly hope that you will be there too!  Register now on the link below…


People are flying in from all over the world so if you live in Southern California and you can drive, don’t think twice about being there.  Just make a decision to advance your marketing and leadership skills and register now!

In my Relational Marketing Secrets, I teach the importance of increasing your circle of influence by connecting with leaders at live events!  Go meet DiDi, Glenn and Leta now while they’re still accessible.  At the rate their going, they might not be able to give you the one-on-one mentoring you will get at this event, in their future events so act quickly!

Leadership Mastery starts with you and having a keen eye on who you will heed advice from.  DiDi, Glenn and Leta will show you that leaders aren’t just born, they can be created!

I look forward to meeting you this weekend to witness your success unfold at Leadership Mastery LIVE!

Cheering You On To Your Success!


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