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Ten years ago, I was at a very prestigious black-tie gala in Beverly Hills, CA as an awardee and jewelry exhibitor, and I met some of the celebrity guests wearing exquisite jewelry. Large diamond brooches and bold cascading diamond and gemstone necklaces!  I was intrigued and asked them who designed their jewelry and for the very first time I heard the name, Jules Barba.

I was intrigued and in awe to hear that we have a Filipino-American jeweler who has “made it big” here in the US.  Fast forward, five years later, I was speaking at another event when one of my dear friends, Para Anderson noticed a diamond and amethyst pendant I was wearing. I told her, the pendant is one of my exclusive design and I am actually looking for someone who can duplicate that design as people were asking me where they can order.  She then said,  “You should meet my friend who’s the owner of JB Diamonds.  He specializes in re-creating and customizing fine jewelry.  His name is Jules Barba.”

My jaw dropped!  There was that name again – Jules Barba.   From that point on, I heard his name a few more times, so I told myself I need to meet this man, as people are talking about him!  I finally met him when Para invited me to his home for a get together.  I was quite surprised to meet this very soft-spoken, charming and very hospitable man who has an air of humility about him.  He was down-to-earth and is quite the entertainer.  I found out that he hosts lots of parties at his beautiful home in Newport Beach, CA and he also hosts fund-raising events to support worth causes and budding artists and musicians.

In 2013, when Typhoon Haiyan hit the Philippines hard, Jules’ hometown of Paon in Iloilo City, was hit hard.  He immediately mobilized his resources and relationships to help raise funds and awareness to help people to rebuild.  The Orange County Register featured his story and plea for help.  I saw first hand how he put everything aside to truly make a difference in so many people’s lives.

Jules and I started talking about finally writing and publishing his book and his idea for the book is brilliant!  Just from a few times that I spent with him, I knew that Jules is someone I would love to support and would be a great addition to my intimate circle of friends.  We have attended a few parties and events together and it has always been a lot of fun to catch up with mutual friends, meet new ones, and share with people our mutual love of jewelry design and creating legacies and traditions through jewelry.  He even brought me gorgeous jewelry to wear when I co-emceed the “Monte Carlo Nights – 21st Award Ceremonies by the Filipino-American Chamber of Commerce of Orange County as pictured here.


I am thrilled that his schedule finally opened up to accommodate us in his store to conduct this interview.  I arrived shortly after they closed so the beautiful jewelry on the stands have just been put away but you will see them on their website or in person when you go visit his store or even when you Skype or Facetime with him.  I have met his team of Master Jewelers as well as his wonderful and highly knowledgeable team, who are mostly his family members.  It’s an environment where everyone is treated like family.  I had a couple of diamond and gemstone rings redesigned by JB Diamonds and they have one of the fastest turn-around time for even the most complex orders! I was very impressed!

It’s because Jules and his Master Jewelers stay on the cutting edge of technology so they can continue to create jewelry pieces that are timelines and of high quality.  Legacy is very important for Jules.  Here’s his video on his 3D CAD Machine that enables them to help their clients create the jewelry of their dreams!

Jules and JB Diamonds have created jewelry for the celebrities, royalties, dignitaries, movement makers, executives and athletes from all over the world!  Serving the “rich and famous” is something they on a daily basis, yet they also have a wide variety of offerings to fit every budget.  When you walk into their store, you will feel like a celebrity too because they make you feel like a VIP.

I am so proud to share with you, my “Upclose, Personal, Raw and Revelatory Interview” with my dear friend Jules Barba – Founder and Master Jeweler of www.JBDiamonds.com . We usually only have 15 minute shows but there was so much “juiciness” to our interview that we couldn’t stop it! It’s worth your time to watch it.   In this very raw, insightful, inspiring and free flowing interview, Jules shares and reveals:

– How he established JB Diamonds with no money to rent a store
– His secrets to highly successful jewelry business in an area teeming with competition
– How he stumbled into becoming a jeweler from majoring in Biology in College and being a District Manager at a pharmaceutical company.
– The pivotal moment when he discovered how to set his jewelry business apart from other jewelry businesses in Newport Beach, CA 20 years ago.
– What keeps him going and inspired everyday
– How he stays “magnetic” and continuously up-leveling his network, and his secrets to how he connected with and now continues to create custom exquisite one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for celebrities, athletes, world leaders, royalty and very wealthy families through the years.
– What’s the #1 Industry that their company serves
– What’s his secret to serving 3 generations of happy customers who keep coming back
– The top 3 things to look for in a jeweler and jewelry store you can trust
– How they’re able to create any jewelry design – if you can dream it, they can create it!
– How they stay progressive and abreast with trends and the most cutting edge information and tools in jewelry manufacturing and design
– Hear about his bold guarantee of “If we design something with you that you don’t like it, you don’t pay us.”
– Why he remains passionate and enthused about what he does, which is one of the keys to his success and how his customers become family
– What his top wealthy clients request him to design as part of their legacy
– How he he reached a global audience, and continues to serve clients from all over the world!
-And so much more!

The holidays are the busiest time of the year for JB Diamonds but if you call them now and mention this video interview, Jules will gift you with a free verbal appraisal of a piece that you already own, or a 1-on-1 consult on a specific piece you want to design. (Scroll down to see video of JB Diamonds presenting the ABA Championship Ring to Former LA Lakes Coach, Bill Sharman )

You can also browse their impressive selection of diamond and gemstone jewelry and they’re also an authorized dealer for world renowned brand names,  Gabrielle & Co, Benchmark, Herco, Gordon and Clark.

If you’re an Entrepreneur, Expert, Executive or someone who has a dream and a message to pursue, I  trust that this interview has inspired you to go forward in the direction of your dreams – a reminder to keep improving yourself, no regrets and never giving up.

If you or anyone you know is in the market for jewelry – engagement, bridal, Christmas, birthday, holidays or a “Just Because” gifts – perhaps if you have a jewelry design in mind that you’ve always wanted to create, or if you want to start new family traditions and create your own heirloom pieces, or duplicate family crests and insignia in precious metals, diamonds, gemstones or pearls, contact Jules and www.JBDiamonds.com now. I know you will be in Jules and his teams’ masterful and caring hands.

Wishing you all, a life well lived – with more peace, love, joy and meaning regardless of what you’re going through at the moment.  May this post serve as an inspiration for you to keep moving and celebrate your successes along the way. Connect with Jules and you will be part of the JB Diamonds family.

Until we connect… I’m cheering you on!

Here’s To Your Success With Satisfaction and Significance…


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ABOUT JB DIAMONDS (From their website)

Established in 1983 – The best kept secret in Orange County!  JB Diamonds is a family owned and operated business, a fine jewelry manufacturer and wholesaler that has been serving the Newport Beach and Orange County area since 1983.  The reason why we can keep our prices competitive it is because we do all our work in-house and buy our loose diamonds directly from the cutters. The team of seven master jewelers, two 3D CAD designer, two watchmakers of brand name watches and a graduate gemologist makes us a full service store.

We specialize in custom jewelry designing, from concept to finish. If you can think of it, we can make it. 3D computer modeling, wax making, and casting, stone setting and finishing, laser soldering, engraving, any repair, all done right here on the premises. If you have jewelry that needs to be repaired, or if you are looking to redesign your old jewelry or ring into something new, we can help you!  Our store is one of the most technologically advanced full service jewelry store in the area.  As a member of an international diamond trade network, we also have access to loose diamonds and gemstones from 0.01ct to 50 Carats.  We can get any stone for you and match any price.

Years of business has earned us a reputation for quality craftsmanship, friendly personal service, and trust.  If you are in the market for an engagement ring, we will be happy to answer any questions you have and walk you through the process of finding the perfect ring to fit your style and budget. We have an extensive inventory of settings for any stone, fine jewelry, estate pieces, and settings to suit your taste. Come visit our showroom or call us at (949) 644-7366 for an appointment.

Our Goals:
-To provide you with the Best Service for your needs
, To give the Best Value for your Money
, To give the Best Quality on our products

Offered Services:
. Custom Designing                                         . Loose Diamond .01 Ct to 50 Carats
. Brand Name Watches New/Pre-Owned   . Jewelry Appraisals
. Jewelry Repairs                                              . Engraving , Enameling
. Jewelry 3D CAD Modeling                           . Watch Repairs
. Laser welding                                                  . Loose Colored Stones


Jules Barba and JB Diamonds Presenting the ABA Champion ring to Former LA Lakers Head Coach and Hall of Famer Bill Sharman.

On May 2, 2011 at half-time during the Lakers-Mavericks play-off game, former Los Angeles Lakers head coach and hall of famer Bill Sharman was finally presented his 1971 ABA Championship ring for coaching the Utah Stars. He left the Utah Stars after being recruited to coach the L.A. Lakers and never recieved his Championship ring. ABA founder Dennis Murphy discovered this, and comissioned JB Diamonds in Newport Beach to make an exact replica of the ring which was presented to Sharman during the half-time ceremony.

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