JoAnne Bassett Perfumes at HardSell2HeartSell Event

I am so proud to share one of our FEATURED SUPPORTERS and SPONSOR of “HardSell2HeartSell” Live Event: “Joanne Bassett Perfumes & Signature Scents”

Are you looking for the ultimate “feel good” indulgence that has been one of the best-kept secrets by successful men and women — leaders, heads of state, royalty, entrepreneurs, celebrities, executives – people with high levels of success and influence? Their Custom Bespoke Perfume created for them by Master Couture Perfumers like JoAnne Bassett… Pictured below is when she presented me with my own Bespoke Perfume, she crafted just for me, – my “Emma Perfume”…

JoAnne Bassett, who is my client, friend and now one of our featured event sponsors, is a professional natural perfumer. Called a “couturier parfumier” in France, JoAnne not only crafts a large selection of natural perfume collections, but she also teaches perfume-making workshops and is a clairvoyant intuitive for those power brokers seeking to uncover hidden desires and potentials.

How does she do it? JoAnne uses her alchemical skills to give clients clarity, focus and a custom scent full of life-changing intentions. For entrepreneurs who are seeking a signature scent and transformation possibilities, JoAnne provides a silver, gold and VIP sessions that include an intuitive advisement, an aromatic journey and, at the end, custom-made “signature” parfum that can be refilled online at any time.

All of JoAnne’s perfumes, collections and hand-blown bottles can be found one her website at JoAnne also crafts opulent vegan bodycare products to match a favorite perfume or custom-made fragrance.

Want a natural perfume with the ability to last all day like synthetics? JoAnne sells an “extender” for those perfume enthusiasts who want their natural perfume to last all day.

JoAnne also offers her couturier parfums in both sample sizes and beautifully-packaged travel-sized sprays for purses and evening bags. JoAnne takes her craft seriously down to the artisan packaging for online and return customer orders. JoAnne is based in quiet, cool and sunny coastal northern San Diego where flower agriculture is booming.

Meet JoAnne and experience JoAnne Bassett Perfumes first hand at my 1-Day LIVE Event – use code emma50 to get 50% off your event VIP Pass… See you there!

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