Investing In “YOU, Inc”… What’s On Your Christmas List?

I looked at the calendar this morning and almost panicked! It’s 18 days before Christmas and truthfully, my Christmas cards haven’t been sent and I have not done one ounce of shopping! This is not normal for me because I normally have my Christmas cards ordered by September as I have been hand assembling them for the past 10 years. However, with 400 cards to send this year, hand assembling is not a possibility anymore…

Yes, I have many, many things I would love to buy for myself and my family this Christmas. This is normally the time when we splurge on ourselves, we make a list of what we really, really love to have – the things we can’t “live without” and this is when we sit down to plan the vacations we’ll be taking the next year.

Interestingly enough when my husband ask me what I wanted for Christmas this year, I was able to honestly say “Thanks Honey, but I don’t need anything…” Seriously, this is the first time ever when I was able to say that…

Oh please, don’t get me wrong… inside this empowered entrepreneur is still a “girly-girl” who likes nice things like a couple of nice Gucci and Louis Vuitton purses, a cashmere blanket, a Shamina shawl, the latest Ugg boots and let’s not even go to the latest gadgets in technology… possibly a brand new touch screen computer with the biggest memory and the faster processor available. Oh and did I say hiring an interior designer to re-decorate and re-paint our home? How about an appointment with a personal shopper at Neiman Marcus and leave with at least 3 great suits or outfits? And what about my annual make-over appointment at the Chanel counter for the latest in colors for the next 2 seasons? And what about my favorite sales reps at David Yurman and Tiffany jewelry whom I haven’t seen in a long time? Oh and that Oyster Perpetual Datejust Rolex or that Chopard watch with the dancing diamonds? A Tumi suitcase set, perhaps?

It’s so interesting that only a year or so ago, I have spent money on frivolous things and really enjoyed every minute of it! But for the past year, I have made a conscious choice to do one thing: TO INVEST IN MYSELF… By investing in myself, I know that I can go back to the things I love acquiring and what’s more is that I will able to continue to give more and continue to make a difference in people’s lives! I am proud to say that at a time when we didn’t have enough money, giving was something we never cut back on… it was a priority in our lives! Even our accountant couldn’t really understand that… We understand the Law Of Reaping and Sowing… if you want to be able to give huge amounts of money later, you need to start giving small amounts NOW!

So, I didn’t get any of those things I have mentioned which normally would have been on this year’s list. You’re probably wondering what took their place on my Christmas list? Well, here they are:

1) Joel Bauer’s Persuasion Power System: $2,997
2) Tracy Repchuk’s Millionaire Mastermind – $4,000
3) Coaching Cognition by Renegade Professional – $1,495
4) Jorge Bueno’s Funding Your Passion Business Codex – $397
5) New Macbook Pro +++ – $2,200
6) Internet Marketers’ Carribean Cruise – $2,000
7) Russell Brunson’s MicroContinuity – $ 600
8) Raymond Aaron’s Monthly Mentor – $2,600
TOTAL: $16,289

These expenses are just in the last few months… this doesn’t include the many trips and events I attended and the ongoing community memberships I have– Traffic Geyser, Braveheart Women, etc. Not to mention I already own practically all of Mike Dillard’s products and am an ongoing member of the Association of Better Networker.

So, what’s my point in all these? People come to me and ask me all the time – “Wow Emma, you’re so lucky… people and leaders are drawn to you… how do you do that?” Well, I guess the answer is simple: I CHOSE TO CONTINUE TO INVEST IN MYSELF because by doing so, I am investing in my business and it shows that I proactively take action. If you honestly believe that “You are the brand” (which I was so blessed to have learned from Mike Dillard early on), you will stop and think and make wise choices on how to spend your money. By investing in myself, I am investing in my long term success… the fancy stuff can wait because ultimately I will have them all! I just chose to delay instant gratification for long term gain!

Do you have to spend as much to get the same results? Absolutely not! We all are at different stages in our personal and business lives. Only you would know what your needs are.

The reality is that when you have limited resources, you need to be able to choose which ones will grow your brand and your business. If you noticed, I invested in Systems and Coaches… everyone needs a coach! A coach needs a coach… every successful person has a coach or a mentor.

If you don’t have one, find one quick! I happen to have a video sharing who my Mentors are and you’re all welcome to check all of them out!

So now I ask you… what’s on your Christmas list?

Perhaps it’s time to re-think where you’ll spend your resources and invest in You, Inc. instead…

Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma Tiebens

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2 thoughts on “Investing In “YOU, Inc”… What’s On Your Christmas List?

  1. Nicely said Emma,

    An Investment in yourself and your personal development will have a DIRECT impact on your business and success… in fact without it.. you haven’t a chance.

    It is No coincidence that the most successful entrepreneurs of our time are also the ones who self educate the most.. the ones with the biggest personal libraries…

    This holiday season do not neglect YOU Inc.

    All Leaders are Readers…

    Merry Christmas

  2. Hi Roger!
    Thanks sooo much for your awesome comment and for taking the time to do so! I am so glad that you understand… I absolutely agree! Leaders are readers! I to read somewhere that more successful people have one thing in common- a HUGE library!!!

    Let’s stay connected… I would love to get to know more of what you do… take care and many blessings to you and yours!!!

    Kind Regards,

    Emma 😉