Internet Marketing Is NOT Network Marketing Online

There seems to be quite a confusion among Network Marketers who are transitioning into Internet Marketing or Online Marketing.  It’s easy to automatically assume that because they are transitioning into Internet Marketing that they are now “Internet Marketers”.  This is where a lot of confusion starts.

Believe it or not, there is still a very defined distinction among hard core internet marketers and interestingly enough, I learned the major difference only this year when I went to the Internet Marketers Caribbean Cruise last January.

An Internet Marketer is not a Network Marketer marketing online.  Internet Marketers are a special breed of marketers who have created their own product or service or marketing other “Affiliate” products or services.  They are an elite group of marketers and most of them have been around quite awhile and have made millions and millions of dollars with Joint Venture Partnerships with other Internet Marketers and with Speaking Engagements.

A Network Marketer is a Network Marketer.  Another special breed of marketers who are  either building a team of other Network Marketers or simply using Direct Selling to market products and services that are produced or offered by their main Network Marketing or MLM Company.  A Network Marketer who has or is transitioning Online to prospect and market his/her product is simply that – an Online or Internet Network Marketer.

Yes, I know… why do I even bother with defining the difference?

It’s because from my personal experience, when I started out transitioning online 2 years ago, I went through a major confusion about the difference.  In search for the “Holy Grail” of Internet Marketing For Online Marketers, I was distracted.  I purchased courses, pursued Mentors that didn’t necessarily specialize in Network Marketing.

In the process, I have massively evolved into this person that I never thought I could be – Author, Speaker, Online Marketing Consultant – and I am utterly grateful for every mentor and friend I came in contact with during this process.  I always believe that WE ARE EXACTLY WHERE WE NEED TO BE.

This post was inspired by the many people who are now asking me about why they are not able to build a successful network marketing business online.  My response is this:

“What online system do you have that you are teaching your teams so they too can duplicate?”  Most of the time, I’ll hear “Social media… ” or “Video Marketing…” or “Calling Leads….” etc.. etc…

These are not systems… these are separate tools and resources…. What leaders and internet network marketers don’t realize is that the magic happens when they learn to integrate all these tools into a system that optimizes them!

It’s the lack of a system is what stops most Internet Network Marketers dead on their tracks.  While I don’t believe that there is such a thing as the “Holy Grail” of Internet Network Marketing, I found one that absolutely comes close and has created many success stories –


This is the system I now teach my team with.  It’s a system that Internet Network Marketers created specifically FOR Internet Network Marketers!  If you’re spinning aimlessly, trying to make sense of internet marketing strategies that are generic for online marketers, then maybe it’s time to check out Hope In Home Business .

As always… I’m Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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2 thoughts on “Internet Marketing Is NOT Network Marketing Online

  1. Great article Emma. I feel our industry lacks clarity and unfortunately that is probably how it always will be due to new information arising with the evolution of marketing. However I feel this article keeps everything simple and provides that exact clarity “Online Network Marketers” need in order to be on their way to success. Again thanks for the great article. Kudos to you Emma. 🙂

    .-= Hameed Hemmat´s last blog ..The Future Of Internet Marketing Is Here And How Easy It Is To Create A Celebrity Like Following! =-.

  2. Hello Hameed!
    How are you? Wow! Am so honored that you dropped by, read my blog and left a comment… thank you for your kind review… MUCH APPRECIATED! Yes, I believe the distinction is clear but most network marketers transitioning online get sucked up in the motion of learning and implementing that they lose sight of what network marketers need to do online… I look forward to finding out more about you and what you write about… till then, take care and I’ll see you around!!! Kind Regards, Emma 😉