Inspired By Ann Sieg… What Will Your Legacy Be?

Happy Thanksgiving!  It’s 3:00 a.m. on Thanksgiving Day and I was awaken by an overwhelming sense of gratitude that I decided to write a Blogpost about it. Ironically, as I looked through my email,  I came across a video blog of one of my favorite and trusted industry leaders, Ann Sieg.

I’ve been very blessed to have met Ann Sieg and her awesome Executive Assistant Candace Hogan, when my good friend Jerry Chen scheduled their interview at our home.  What a real treat that was to spend an entire day with Ann, Candace and Jerry!  I can’t wait for you all to watch their interview – you will see a side of Ann Sieg you have never seen before!  Like Ann, I am a wife, mother and an entrepreneur whose passion is to empower entrepreneurs globally.  When I watched her video blog post earlier, I couldn’t help not share my thoughts as inspired by her message.

I thank Ann for her transparency and for her willingness in not only sharing her beliefs with the world but her passion in making sure that people are educated enough to enable them to exercise having choices!

Her heritage is so rich! Her great, great grandfather was imprisoned from exercising his beliefs which ultimately shaped what Ann has become today.  I admire her desire to honor the legacy of generations before her! After seeing her video, it has become clearer why her and her teachings have always resonated with my spirit!

Like Ann, my success is definitely not measured by money alone, however, I firmly believe that money enables us to do tons of good in the world! That’s the reason I do what I do to encourage, enlighten and empower entrepreneurs. Success for me boils down to this simple question which is the basis for why I founded “The Relational Marketer” – it’s the question: “Whose Life Is Now Better Because Of Yours”?

Everyday, I well up from an overwhelming gratitude to God who has been so good to me! Even if I don’t necessarily have EVERYTHING I have, the fact is I have more than enough! I have an amazingly loving and supportive family who encourages me to act upon opportunities to be, do and give more! I am grateful for the FREEDOM to have choices, to be in this country where opportunities abound! I am grateful for having access to amazing Mentors such as Joel Bauer, Mike Dillard, Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler, Dani Johnson,Tracy Repchuk which has now enabled me to have a platform to be able to help change many people’s lives in a global sense!

As a young girl in the Philippines, it was reading which has inspired me to realize that there is a bigger and abetter wolrd outside my little town… it was reading that has allowed me to see the infinite possibilities of what I can become. I support our public library here in Huntington Beach and part of my vision is to be able to put a public library in many small towns in the Philippines so that many children will be given the same opportunity about reading as I have!

The legacy I want to leave behind is simple… to have people I care most about – and those who choose to be mentored by me – all allocated for financially with income producing assets – including intellectual properties and businesses – that will encompass generations upon generations.

More importantly, I want to leave a legacy of encouraging them to have a personal relationship with God and His beloved son Jesus – who has plucked me out from a teeny tiny unheard of small town in the Philippines and elevates me to a leadership position that enables me to positively impact thousands of lives!  A legacy of helping people believe that they are called for a Higher Purpose and their lives mean more than what their minds can comprehend – I want to leave a legacy full of HOPE and LOVE!

What about you? What legacy will you leave behind?  What actions are you taking right this moment to make sure that your life does count for something?

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2 thoughts on “Inspired By Ann Sieg… What Will Your Legacy Be?

  1. Emma,

    What a beautiful testament to your faith and your craft. You are definitely leading by example by giving from you heart. I have no doubt that your legacy of empowering others will be one of your many achievements.

    Like you I also am a huge advocate of personal branding and leading with relationships. My legacy is to show others how to empower themselves and lead tribes. It’s not about your product or service… it’s about you.

    To many people are defining themselves with their opportunity. We have a calling to educate and motive a change in culture. We need to showcase the right way to market and it begins with relationships.

    Ken Pickard
    The Network Dad

  2. Hi Ken!
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment… I truly appreciate knowing that you’re always there… supporting, encouraging…

    Yes, I believe that we all have an inate desire to leave something good behind… I love what Pres. Regan said “I believe that man is good… that there’s worth and purpose to each and every life.”

    Our job is to encourage and support each other along the way in our journey here on earth and you’re certainly doing an awesome job with that for me 😉

    Big Hugs!