If You’re Not Getting Enough Clients, Do This

After a series of Discovery Sessions yesterday, there was a common question my prospective coaching clients asked, “Emma, if I made a decision to monetize my message, then where are my clients? How come I am not monetizing as much as I should?”

So late last night I created this video.. I was whispering and you can even hear the crickets but it doesn’t matter because if you’re not getting enough clients, this video just might be for you so watch it now!

“IF YOU’RE NOT GETTING ENOUGH CLIENTS, click on the video below to find out what you must do.

We have many exciting announcements coming up, including my collaboration with a Hollywood Executive Producer who has agreed to help produce high-caliber branding videos for myself and my clients!  It’s so exciting!  I will share that with you next time.

Also, the Asian Business Association of Orange County, where I sit as Secretary of the Board, is hosting a series of FREE business workshops called ABAOC University.  Our first workshop is on July 23, 2014 from 5:00pm – 8:00pm and we can only accommodate 60 people and seats are filling up fast!

If you live in Southern California and you’re ready to learn more about how to do business with corporations, go to www.ABAOC.org, click on Programs and go to ABAOC University.

As always, here’s wishing you and your families SUCCESS with satisfaction and significance!

Much Love,

Emma Tiebens
Best-selling Author, Speaker,
Monetization and Marketing Mentor
Brand Marketing Strategist


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