It has been a most amazingly mind-blowing weekend and as I continue to reminisce about it, there is a certain enthusiasm that just billows up from within!

Dr. Charlie and Ellie Drake and the Braveheart Team did it again and this time, they absolutely OVERDELIVERED! I have attended many, many events in the past 10 years of being an entrepreneur but nothing has even come close to the immeasurable value they gave to us this weekend!

I am so glad that I took countless photos, videos and notes from this weekend. Not to mention met so many incredible women and heard their heartfelt stories that will continue to inspire me for many, many years!

The Braveheart Women Awards was over the top! My favorite part was when Carol Channing sang "Hello Braveheart" to the tune of "Hello Dolly"... as I listened to her sing that, I saw clearly Ellie's vision to have 1,000,000 Braveheart Members and having that historic party in a safe area on the Gaza Strip inviting both Palestinian and Israeli women, in the not so distant future!

There were so many amazing golden nuggets that I received this weekend but one that stands out was from Rolondo Watts: "Your passion will not wait and your gifts will persist"....

Truly, I believe that God - our Almighty Creator has designed us for one thing to reflect His image and likeness and that is SUCCESS! Success is our destiny and that's why we have passions that no matter how much we quiet down, they continue to persist and it is our responsibility to pump up that volume until it becomes loud and clear!

I was most touched when Ellie consciously and intentionally took the time to honor and edify her team, her husband her two adorable boys, her Mom, her staff, her team, the event's fabulous host, Paul Ryan and when she actually thanked all of us who were there... She made sure that she took the time to ask us to renew our commitment to the Braveheart Vision and what really touched me was when she went down the stage and HUGGED EVERYONE around her one by one...

I will never forget the tears in her eyes and how I felt such incredible LOVE when it was my turn to be hugged by her! I am welling up with tears of appreciation even as I type this, remembering how I felt her genuine love for all of the women in that room and for her immense passion to see her vision through!

Ellie Drake... you truly are one of a kind and yes, you have barely scratched the surface! Your greatness awaits and we will be here alongside you, co-laboring with you!

So yes, Ellie.... I am no longer just choosing to Rise... Now more than ever, I know in my heart I am CALLED TO RISE! Thank you for sharing your heart... I am grateful for you beyond words....

I will be posting photos and videos very, very soon!!! To all you amazing women in the community whom I have the utmost honor and pleasure to meet and hug, I think of you.... I send you my love and pray for the achievement of all of your dreams beyond your wildest imaginings!

Here’s A Video Of BH RISE Welcome with Lynn Rose!

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