How Traffic Formula 2.0 Jumpstarted My Online “Celebrity” Status

Magnetic Sponsoring and Traffic Formula 2.0
Alright, let’s address some important points first.  I don’t consider myself an online “celebrity” by any means… however, people who I connect with day in and day out  always tell me “Wow, you’re such a celebrity and here’s the kicker…. ” I SEE YOU EVERYWHERE!”

While that may not mean a lot to some of you, it truly is something that is worth paying attention to.  Only about 1 year and a half ago, I have NO online presence whatsoever.  All I knew then was that Mike Dillard taught me I need to start learning how to “give without want before I get what I want”.  That was the phrase that spurred the birth of my brand, The Relational Marketer.    I knew I had so much to offer but I didn’t really understand how to put everything together so I purchased Traffic Formula 1 and devoured that course!

A few months after I purchased the course, online marketing started evolving and it necessitated that I learned more in depth information on how a “Nerve Center” works and how tributaries flowed into it.  Mike Dillard and Tim Erway who are always very in tuned and sensitive to what the market demands, decided to offer Traffic Formula 2.0 and I was one of the first respondents who purchased the course! Why? Because that was exactly what I needed at that time!

Yes, it took a few months to really understand and implement the concept but like I always say… “Good things come to those who wait but who also know how to implement as they wait”.  I exercised my favorite parts of the course which are:

1) Market Discovery Formula
2)The Nerve Center – Key To A Successful Dominating Online Marketing Presence
3) Content Creation Factory
4) Nerve Center Traffic Generation Bonus
5) Social Media Traffic
6) Video Marketing – (my Favorite!)
7) Never Center Profitability Booster

In 6 months during and after implementation of these teachings, here are my tangible results:

1)  I have created a Powerful and Branded Online Presence!
2)  When you Google Emma Tiebens, there are now 18,800 search results!
3)  I am now a sought after  Online Marketing Consultant and Coach
4)  I generate about 5-10 Leads a day from Social Media and Video Marketing alone!
5)  I have many offers for Joint Venture Partnerships and Community Training opportunities
6) I have connected and built highly profitable business relationships with Industry Leaders I wouldn’t have been able to reach before!
7) I have created my first CD, wrote 1 Book, 2 eBooks, co-authored a book with Mari Smith, and 3 OnlineVideo Courses!
8) I have redesigned my Blog to reflect the Thesis WordPress Theme – an idea I resisted greatly prior to TF 2.0. Still work in progress but a huge leap never the less.
9) From being a network marketer who was simply looking to learn how to have an online presence for myself and my business, I evolved into an Author, Online Marketing Business Consultant and a Speaker who will soon have my own system!
10) I am able to connect at a deeper level with my thousands of Facebook, Twitter and YouTube friends and I’ve generated sizable income from  helping them create a powerful online presence using Relational Marketing!

While some people reduce their results with just the $$$ signs measuring success, mine includes both.  My business profits increased by 50% after TF 2.0 but what’s even more priceless are the doors to unlimited potential that have opened up and the knowing the best is yet to come!

THANK YOU MIKE DILLARD, TIM ERWAY, JUSTIN CHRISTIANSEN, JASON BETTER and the staff of Better Networker and Magnetic Sponsoring!  You’re all visionaries and thank you for continuing to share your wisdom and your heart to the world!

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