How To Tag (Untag) And Share Photos, Videos & Links on Facebook

Just a quick video answering one of the most common questions I get… “How Do I Tag Someone And Share Photo, Video or Link On Facebook?” or “How Do I Untag Myself From A Photo Or Video I Am Not A Part Of?”

I hope this helps you… If you have any questions on the “Emma 4” – Facebook, Blogging, Twitter or YouTube – please send me an email at or just leave a comment below… If I can’t personally answer it for you, I will share with you links and tutorials from friends and mentors who do have the answers.

Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma Tiebens

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7 thoughts on “How To Tag (Untag) And Share Photos, Videos & Links on Facebook

  1. Dearest Emma:

    Once again you are such a role model!!! Do you realize it was one year ago this week that we met at our Video Magnetism class with @AskMrVideo and @Barefoot_Exec!

    This tagging video is FANtastic. However… I’m having some issues tagging “videos” from my Fanpage. Come to think of it though, I used the “Upload Video” feature. I’ll write my challenge on your Facebook Wall so others can learn as well or we can explore together! 😉

    Have a FABulous weekend!


  2. Roz dearest,

    Really? It has been a year? Boy, did we have fun then or what? Now, you and I are out there using video! How cool is that! I am glad you found this tutorial helpful… yes, how to tag and untag people on Facebook is easier than most people think. It’s rather touchy as some people don’t liked to be tagged so I tell them if you don’t want the video, post or photo they were tagged in, all they need to do is “Remove Tag”…

    THANK YOU for simply being YOU, Roz! Keep me posted!


    Emma 😉

  3. Someone tagged themselves in an unflattering photo me on my facebk wall w/o my permission. Several friends clicked the like button. This was worse still… How do I get rid of t he photo altogether so that nobody else sees it? How do I delete it so that the people who like it don’t pass it on or share it with others? Thx

  4. Hello Dr. Martin!
    I am sorry to hear of your tagging experience. You can definitely go back to where the photo was uploaded – your friends page – click on the photo and on the right side, you’ll see all the people who were tagged. Hover on your name and the “Remove Tag” will appear. This will un-tag you from the photo. However, there is no way for you to stop the photos from being shared by your friends who “Like” it. The only option you have is to tell your friend how you felt about the photo and if there is a way for him/her to crop your portion out or just remove the photo all together… I hope this helps… Thanks for asking the question…
    My best to you..


  5. Oh and another option is to click on the picture, and on the top right hand side you’ll see “On Your Timeline…Remove” – Click on the “Remove” so it won’t show on your Timeline anymore. Also on the bottom of the picture, click on “Options” and it will open a menu where you can choose to “Report/Remove Tag”…