How Do You Pull Off A 2-Day Live Event?

It has been a whirlwind of the past 2 months for me since I took on a very lofty challenge! After my 7-day Intensive Profit Point Speaker Mastery with Joel Bauer in September, I decided to create a 70-day Challenge where in 70 days, I will learn implement everything that Joel taught us, from creating our presentation, to finding a venue, to actual promotion schedule, gathering equipment information and actually implement a 2-day information filled event!

    For more seasoned speakers and Marketers with a huge database, this challenge is probably not a big ordeal but for someone like me who just came out of the gates from a Speaker Mastery class, barely comfortable about speaking to a group, not really knowing how to create PowerPoint slides nor hosting webinars prior to the challenge, this is a HUGE deal!

    (This is me in front of the Marquee at the LAX Hilton…it was so surreal seeing my name there.)

    I had to do all of these while continuing to serve my existing clients, be a full time Mom and wife, celebrate Thanksgiving and attend live events I was already committed to.

    Looking back, I truly wonder, “How in the heck did I do all these in such a short time?”

    There is only one answer:  I TAPPED INTO MY RELATIONSHIPS!!!

    (With my Beloved Mentor Joel Bauer)

    While I now reap the benefits of making the right decisions in choosing which relationships to build and strengthen, I must say that building relationships don’t happen overnight… in fact, most of my relationships have been “seasoned”… they are at least a year old…

    There was no way I could have done what I did without the help of my Mentor Joel Bauer… he held my hand every step of the way and generously transferred some of his 40 + years of life’s experience to me.  There was no way I could even begin to see myself speaking to a group – inspiring, motivating and equipping them for 2 straight days if Joel Bauer didn’t teach me how… more importantly, HE BELIEVED IN ME and gave me the permission to go for it!

    I wouldn’t have felt the boost of confidence if Mike Klingler didn’t support me by sharing my message to his entire database of over 80,000 people!  I saw my webinar attendees go from 20 to 399 in less than 2 hours after he sent out one email to his database!  How’s that for “relationship currency”?  I couldn’t thank him enough for his generosity!

    I couldn’t have pulled off my actual 2-day event without the help of my amazing Mentors and friends Jorge Bueno, MaryAnne Morcos and Jerry Chen! Jorge and MaryAnne brought their entire A/V equipment the night before and we set up till 11:30 pm the day before! The entire 2-days, they told me exactly what to do, controlled and ran the equipment, emceed my event and even captured the entire 2 days on camera!  I am forever grateful!!!

    Being my first event ever, there was no one else I had dreamed about to capture the photos and energy of my event other than The Diamond herself, Moriah Diamond and she was here in LA just in time for my event!  A dream come true!

    To Mari Smith, Sherrie Rose and Coach Deb Micek for your loving comments, posts and encouragement! I love you all!

    My ProfitPoint8 Classmates, especially Louie and Jini Pinto for spending hours of phone time with me… Kathy Eppley and Diane Hochman for their coaching, Kevin Connell, Fred Van Liew, Eric Shoars, Manuel Jardim, Srini Saripalli, Charles Nguyen, Mike Solis – you all strengthen me!

    Of course, there are a lot of people who have helped me behind the scenes as well and to them I am truly grateful –  Cecilia Mu and family for taking care of Garrett while Mommy is busy, and to my friends Eiji Morishita, Cindy Schulson, Tracy Repchuk, Diane Hochman, Jackie Ulmer, Teach Jim, Diyana Alcheva, Leta Russell, Richard Goutal, Nancy Burke-Barr, Marion Carlon, Nellie Schwab, Natasha Nassar, Rich Hazlett and Julie Thong, Lisa Hanfileti, Alicia Bausley, Rae Majors-Wildman, Manny Bombardier, Michael Grady, thank you for helping me spread the word about my live event!

    Yes, it’s 12 Days before Christmas and I haven’t ordered my Christmas cards… I normally order 350 each year and the number is growing by the year!  I sit in front of the fireplace, play some wonderful Christmas music and I hand write each and every card… That has been my Christmas tradition for the past 15 years and now, this year, I might not get to do that…


    I believe that what I have to give up is nothing compared to the victory I feel right now!  My priority was to move forward and NEVER GIVE UP on my challenge and I am sooo glad that with the loving support of my loving husband Gary, our incredibly understanding son Garrett and my Mom Elena helping to pick up where I slack off in the home, we all pulled it off!

    More importantly, all those years of frustration and doubt yet holding on to FAITH and it my life’s greater purpose that I am called to speak, to empower others and remind them of their sense of purpose, play a huge part in how I was able to pull off a 2-day live event.

    In reality, I didn’t really do all these in 70 days… this is my life’s experience, my relationships, my faith – my failures and success – all rolled into a  2 day weekend!

    The countless prayers by myself and those who generously said them for me were definitely answered!  This event validates what I have always known in my heart that God has called me to live a life on purpose and help others find theirs – to be a light on a hill… for my message to be heard…  These and more are my honest desires for you as well!

    Click below to view are some photos of the event:

    Day 1 Photos – Relational Marketing Secrets with Emma Tiebens

    Day 2 Photos – Relational Marketing Secrets with Emma Tiebens

    Check out the wonderful comments from a Video Slideshow Moriah Diamond and Jorge Bueno created for me:

    Relational Marketing Secrets Video Slideshow

    I trust that this post will encourage you to create your own “self-imposed” challenges to help you move forward!

    Cheering You On To Your Success!

    Emma 😉

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    4 thoughts on “How Do You Pull Off A 2-Day Live Event?

    1. You amaze me Emma! Your passion, determination, and the connections you have made the impossible possible.

      Just attended an event and learned from entrepreneurs who have a 7 figure speaking business. The recommendation was 6 months to 1 year planning for your Signature event and no less than 90 days.

      What you did is a miracle and you’ve been divinely guided to get your message out to the world. You have an innate ability to connect and make authentic deep relationships instead of a contact.

      Thank you for who you are! I look forward to your next event and as always however I can support you, please let me know.

      Lots of love,
      .-= Eiji “A.G.” Morishita´s last blog ..Genius Squared on Teach Jim Show Radio Replay =-.

    2. Congrats Emma, on a job well done and well executive! Thanks for the checklist too, as I plan to follow in your footsteps in a group setting in 2011, and possibly solo later in the year!

      Way to rock it!

      EXPECT Success!

      Jackie Ulmer
      .-= Jackie Ulmer´s last blog ..Marketing Funnel Mastery =-.

    3. I am so thrilled for not only your incredible success at achieving your intention, but for the tenacity, steadfastness and commitment to your dream and the relationships you’ve built over the past 18 months. I’m so privileged to be counted among your friends and look to you as someone to follow as well as support. You’re dear to my heart and I look forward to seeing much more of you on stage in the future. In fact, ladies, I think we should be planning something together for 2011. You’re an inspiration, Emma!
      .-= Leta Russell´s last blog ..Hello world! =-.