HOPE Is A Strategy, Only When…

Here in beautiful Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, truly savoring the beauty of this great nation.  As I immerse myself in the omnipotence of the moment, I am overcome with joy and gratitude that I was given the opportunity to come here and create a magnificent life.

I wish you and your families a Happy July 4th – a Happy Independence Day, if you are one of my friends here in the US and if you live elsewhere, I wish you a Happy Freedom Day…

Yes… Freedom.

I remember February of 1989, I migrated to this “land of the free”.  I barely spoke
English, was fearful and terrified to be transplanted in a foreign country, where
people around me yelled at me because they couldn’t understand what I was
saying.  That frequent occurrence didn’t help with my already very low and damaged self-esteem.

My self-esteem might have been at an all time low, but there were a few things
I held on so tightly to:

  • Love of family and desire to help make their lives better
  • Hope for a brighter future
  • Strong faith in God’s purpose for my life

People say “hope” is not  a strategy and I absolutely agree… However,  to be completely honest with  you… when I was going through one of the roughest times in my life, it was HOPE that kept me going…. It was the dream that one day I too will succeed that kept me from giving up. It was the images of my Mom, Dad and siblings who were all still in the Philippines that fueled my fire for success!

Did it come easy? Absolutely NOT!  Every time I was gearing for a promotion, I experienced major challenges upon major challenges.  I moved from home to home, experienced bankruptcy, drove a beat-up car, didn’t have a lot of friends
and it felt like the only logical choice was to go back to the Philippines.

However, even if giving up was the best option available, I decided to keep on moving.  I kept on


And, there was one thing I did as I continued to dream, hope and believe.


I experienced heartaches, frustration, breakdowns, misery, pain, unbelief
defeat and every negative thought you could possibly imagine.

One thing I refused to do was to WALLOW IN MY DESPERATION and
self-pity.  I would go through the motion of the tears, the pain, the heartache…
I embraced them and then eventually I’d let them go…

People often wonder the secret to my success… looking back, I can say that
what kept me going then are the same things that keep me going now.  Do I have the same pain and frustration? Sure… but not pain and frustration from lack but
what I call “Happy Discontent”.  But that’s for another day…

For now, I just want to send this to you to encourage you to declare today as your
FREEDOM DAY… the day you will commit to being free from:

Being Average
Sad discontent
Giving up on your dreams
Letting yourself down
Letting your families down

I want to be able to some day give you a great big hug and say “Happy Hope-niversary on your Freedom Day!” I declared mine in May 11, 2006 when a friend mocked me and told me “You will never succeed as an entrepreneur”… that same friend is no longer an entrepreneur but am still here… encouraging, empowering, engaging and equipping entrepreneurs.

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Until we connect…

I Am Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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8 thoughts on “HOPE Is A Strategy, Only When…

  1. Emma,

    A short comment: as always… encouraging and challenging. Thank you for consistently being an example and for sharing from the heart.

    May you and your family enjoy a lovely week,


  2. Emma,

    A short comment: as always… encouraging and challenging. Thank you for consistently being an example and for sharing from the heart.

    May you and your family enjoy a lovely week,


  3. Emma, this is just like you. Your messages always seem to be written for the person reading them.

    I proclaim this day before God as my Happy Hope Day!

    Why? Because my family is counting on me to be successful. My mother is sick, my sister is depressed, my daughter (back in the USA) is dealing with her own issues of choice as a teen-ager, and I am working hard to prove my value to the industry but keep coming up short.

    I proclaim this day because there is no other way around it. There’s no more running and hiding. There’s no more quitting. There’s no more believing in the negative mindsets within me or expressed by those around me.

    Personally, I want to thank you for all that you have done for me, and for what you mean to me and the many people who have had the previlege of knowing you.

    Had you given up on your dreams, we would not have Emma Tiebens, The Relational Marketer, here to inspire us today.

    Happy Freedom Day!

    Take Care & God Bless!

  4. Oh Barry… your comment brings tears to my eyes… I am sooo sorry to hear about our Mom and your sister… I tell you this… when you’re gearing up for a promotion, it’s as though that’s when most of our challenges show up… My good friend Eiji Morishita calls that “The Breakdown Before the Breakthrough…” I only speak from experience and therefore I know that people who are going through what I went through are struggling to believe in themselves… tempted to take the easier way out… a life of complacency and mediocrity but that’s not what we were created for… I THANK YOU for your willingness to learn and fight a good fight and for always being there supporting and cheering myself on and others… Keep on creating… keep on moving… and if I may help you with a recommendation for a book that has truly helped transform my mindset, it’s “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattle… Let me find an eBook version and I will email it to you! I know this will help you in a HUGE way… My love to you, Andrea and your family… God bless you my dearest friend… now and always… Giant Hugs, Emma 😉

  5. Lee my dearest Lee! I sooo appreciate you taking the time to comment… short but very sweet and powerful! It’s great to “see” you again… Please let me know how you’re doing from time to time… come join our http://www.TheRelationalMarketers.com Facebook group… we have some amazing supportive members there! Hope to see you there! Much Love and Blessings to you and your family too, Lee! Emma 😉

  6. Emma,
    How fantastic your story is!
    For me the 4th of July has been Independence Day many times and many ways throughout my life. It seems to be the time I am presented with new starts so I declare it my Independence Day once again as I start another new chapter in my life with another clean slate…:-)

  7. (couldn’t find a reply link.. so a new comment is added:))

    Emma, I do appreciate all of your kind words and the recommendation; however, I already own the book. I actually wrote about chapters of the book in past blog posts. Maybe it’s time to revisit those posts:)

    I remain hopeful for that breakthrough. I believe it my heart that it’s my time.

    You have a wonderful day. Blessings to you and your family.

    P.S. Your CommentLuv plugin requires an update.

  8. Hello Vicki!

    Yes, I love how you celebrate and declare your personal independence on Independence Day! What an awesome way to consistently remind yourself of milestones and successes in your life and the opportunity to start with a fresh clean slate… Brilliant!!! Thanks for sharing…

    Emma 😉