Heart of the Brand – Emma Tiebens

Discover the 6 Pillars To Your Magnetic Brand

“There are millions of eyes out there, but do the right ones see you?” – Ann Devere

Absolutely honored to be interviewed on Access to Experts TV, by Executive Producer and a dear, dear friend of mine Ann DeVere. While Ann is also one of my favorite clients, she is actually the reason that I became excited about launching my “Magnetic and Memorable Show”.  She has truly helped me “unleash” my own brand so I can help others do the same.  She and her husband, Emmy Award Winning Editor, Michael DeVere continue to support me as I venture out to host and produce my own show.  Thank you so much Ann and Michael!

My “Magnetic and Memorable Show” will feature segments for “Traveling Tiebens” and something that’s near and dear to me, the “Heart of the Brand”.  This is where I get to interview, celebrate and highlight entrepreneurs, experts, movement makers, authors, speakers and celebrities who apply the principles of a Magnetic Brand, enabling them to become Trusted Authorities.

In this video, Ann and I talked about:

– The 6 Pillars of a Magnetic Brand

– The Anatomy of a Post – How to Create Magnetic Social Media Posts

– How do you C.A.R.E. Online and Offline – to Attract The Right People to You

– The One Thing You Must Be Aware of That Elevates Your Brand Positioning

– And much more!

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Your message matters and it’s time for you to magnetize people, opportunities and resources your way.

Magnetize… Monetize… Make A Difference!

Here’s To Your Success With Significance,


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2 thoughts on “Heart of the Brand – Emma Tiebens

  1. Oh my dearest Jason!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for taking the time to comment here… I appreciate you so much! You have inspired me so much to step out and project the “future” that I have always seen for myself and Garrett and now boldly claiming! LOL! I am here for you my friend… We love knowing you… Namaste Always… Hugs, Emma