Happy New Year 2011! What Will You Do Different?

It’s New Year’s Eve 2011 and we just got back from our 9-day Holiday in Louisville, KY with the Tiebens Family… I can’t believe that this is my 16th Christmas with Gary’s family.   Looking back, when I started to become a part of the family, his nieces and nephews were young children… now they are married and are having their own children!  Where did time go?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve had my own New Year’s Eve tradition which was to look back on the year that was, and re-cap and journal about the highs and lows of that year…

The year 2010 truly is one of the most memorable for me.  I experienced incredible breakthroughs, yet came with a lot of tough decisions and sacrifices.  What was constant and consistent was the value of my RELATIONSHIPS.

If I had a wall to write every person who has impacted my life this year, it will have to be a giant wall resembling The Great Wall of China!

While I will not be able to mention your names, you know who you are and at some point I know we will reconnect and perhaps even do business together and forge deeper and meaningful relationships with each other.

This is not going to be one of my more “profound” and introspective blogs as I sit here in our family room, having “couch time” while watching CNN, waiting for the ball to drop in Time Square, New York!

I have done sooo much this year… what will I do different in 2011?

*   I will find more time for me – to be more mindful of better health – and perhaps check out “The 4-Hour Body” by Tim Ferris

*   I will do my best to cut back even more on distractions.

*   I will create more success stories.

*   I will vacation more with my family.

*   I will create more inspirational and technical content to give more value.

*   I will continue to support my relationships.

*   I will give more to my chosen causes.

*   I will find more quiet time and introspection, reading God’s word and staying connected with my Source.

How about you? What will you do different for 2011?

I look forward to connecting with you and continuing to support you in 2011 and beyond!

Happy New Year To You And Your Families and Wishing  You All That is GOOD!

Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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6 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2011! What Will You Do Different?

  1. Emma,
    Loved your recap video. Shows your passions in life!
    This has been an extraordinary year & I’m looking forward to continued success for all! Setting plans in motion as we speak,
    Val 🙂
    .-= Val Wilcox´s last blog ..A Change in the Air =-.

  2. Welcome to our new era of success, Emma!

    As the new year begins, I’d like to personally thank you from the bottom of my heart….for being such an inspiration…for me to move forward with my passion.

    I would like to stay in gratitude to YOU for having been the key motivator in life-changing moment I’m in now. As the LaNelle Connection show is born through your very first live event at the LAX Hilton- Relational Marketing Secrets…it marked the beginning of the LaNelle Connection era that me and my team are structuring right now…and that event is monumental to me!

    I am still surprised how me and my team formed it and made the shootings happen in spite the stormy weather in LA at that time…Am very pleased that more have been coming forward to share their stories of challenges and passion so they can inspire others thru my internet tv show…more have been responding to my invitation to share with me a powerful mission…and for these, I always wanna look back and see you as my no. 1 mentor who has shown me how to rise and shine. You are awesome, Emma. I’m truly honored by your mentorship…and your friendship. Things that money can never buy.

    I have been experiencing enormous tumoils during the formative stages of this project, but I wish to stay positively focussed on the main goal, as resources are really not enough, however knowing that with the enormous passion and support of the people behind this internet tv show, things will fall into place in due time.

    Looking back at 2010, I believe that you are such a wonderful gift to me Emma…that’s why I will post this message in your blog site and mine…to show how well you have directed me to the path I wanna take….I have a golden mission, so I want to keep the faith glowing…knowing that there is such a Divine Providence that we can depend on. “Let Thine Will Be Done”….and so, please help me God !

    Finally, as the year 2010 ended, let me show you exactly the site where I found you the very 1st time….and I am so amazed how this video post of yours became so magnetizing to me, that I can truly say that social media is, indeed, powerful…which helps both you and me to CONNECT. You are a true example of a mentor who does what she preaches..:-)

    Love Ya, Emma ♥



  3. Emma,

    Hope you are having a great 2011!

    Looking forward to new success stories and meeting more great people like you. I’m glad we met last year, and I’m excited about all of the awesome stuff you have going on!


  4. Hello Ray!
    I am not sure if I have replied to this comment already but THANK YOU again for your kind encouragement… I don’t know how you find the time to generously comment on other people’s blogs with a huge organization such as yours but I truly am grateful! I know you are one who’s really passionate to about creating success stories and I am truly grateful for your support!!!
    Emma 😉

  5. Hello Rich! Likewise… I trust you and Natasha are having an amazing start for 2011! The honor of meeting you and Natasha is mine… I can’t wait to see what you two are going to be launching this year… it’s going to rock for sure! Big Hugs!