God’s Power Community Radio Interview

Yesterday, I was one of 3 interviews for Success and Power Radio by God’s Power Community… below is my segment of the interview… appx. 20 minutes long. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back, relax and get inspired… Click on the arrow to play..

Emma Tiebens Interview God's Power Community Radio by EmmaTiebens

On yesterday’s interview, I had the privilege and honor to be interviewed by Dr. Gene Johnson and Dr. Damita Johnson of “Success and Power for God’s Power Community”.

Their energy was so awe-inspiring that I actually forgot to complete “The Emma5”! By the time I remembered, it was rather late too correct myself…

So, the lesson learned is that it doesn’t matter if you stumble… what matters is how you’re going to continue on and do your best!

So in a nutshell, The Emma5 are:

1) WordPress Blog
2) YouTube
3) Lead Capture Page
4) Facebook
5) Aweber Autoresponder

Another lesson learned is this… Prior to the interview, I haven’t firmed up my schedule for LIVE Event but because I know I already have the skills and the training I want to impart to those who have the desire to be mentored by me, I have now committed to a LIVE Event and I already have 2 confirmed guests! Dr. G and Dr. D!!!

Miracles do happen when you:

  • Identify your purpose and path,
  • Believe in your gifts and your calling,
  • Choose FAITH over FEAR,
  • Forge deep and meaningful relationships,
  • Never give up… keep moving!!!

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“5 Paths To Profits – How To Create A Brand For Visibility, Influence and Profits”

Looking forward to connecting with you!

Until then…

Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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5 thoughts on “God’s Power Community Radio Interview

  1. You so rock, Beth! Thank you for posting this.. Hope you picked up a nugget or two… Big Hugs! Emma 😉

  2. Hi Emma!

    I just saw this comment as I returned here to listen again to the recording. I picked up many nuggets and included those in my video, as you know! I have learned so much from you, Emma, and am so thankful for your great example of leadership! 🙂

    I read your email this morning — I feel truly honored and am ready to step out of my comfort zone as you often encourage me to do! I’ve been asking God to guide my path, and I trust He is working in my life through relationships and people. You’re one of those special people. Happy Mother’s Day, dear Emma!


  3. Hi Emma,
    I just found your website lots of good stuff also i clicked your “like” on facebook. On your top 5 I have 4 I use mail chimp.
    Thanks, Adam

  4. Hello Adam! Glad you found my blog through my GPCs interview… I love Dr. Gene and Dr. Damita Johnson and Ms. Kelly! Yes, the “Autoresponder” part of my Emma5 is rather flexible and you can definitely use whatever you’re comfortable with. I just happen to like Aweber… I heard great things about iContact, Constant Contact and Mail Chimp as well… Soon, I will be incorporating Monster Follow Up which will include SMS and mobile marketing… great stuff! Blessings to you, Adam! Emma