Goal Setting: 10 Things To Help You Get RESULTS!

It’s Spring Break and  I truly LOVE spending time with my family! I find that I absolutely enjoy week long vacations and getaways with them just lounging in bed, watching movies, dining out and checking out tourist hot spots!  It’s so awesome to be able to take Garrett riding the X-2 Extreme Roller Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain one day then taking him to the Los Angeles Jewelry District for a crash course on Gems and Jewelry the next day.  At 8-years old, he’s passionate about gems, rocks and minerals and even started his own Blog – www.GemstoneKid.com

While I LOVE being in that mode of just being a Mom and wife leaving my computer behind.  You can just imagine the withdrawals I get from not being able to interact with my social media friends! Ha, ha!

What’s REALLY challenging for me is after I come back from a week long getaway, it’s harder to get back in that inspired mode.  I have always been great at Goal Setting but yesterday it seems that I simply couldn’t get back in the game.  My saving grace was that I have my 52 Action Items I prepared a week before and my Mind-Map that I created a few weeks ago.  That got me right back on track!

It got me to thinking though how interesting it is to note that while it’s easy to assume that entrepreneurs should be experts at goal setting, the truth is most of us are guilty of not setting goals that will produce results or what Tony Robbins commonly refer to as “outcome”.

So, I’d like to share with you  10 Things That Will Help You Create GREAT Goals That Generate Results!

1)  Write your goals on paper!

2) Set-up categories you would like to set goals for – Family, Work, Social Life, Finance, etc..

3) Create a broad list of goals for each category

4) Breakdown each goal to smaller action items – make it as detailed as possible.  Each goal now becomes a “project”.

5) Draw a Mind-map or a Flow Chart of the Main Goals and what Action Items step forth from each goal

6) Prioritize each Action Item and divide them into Goals this week, this month, 3-months, 6-months, 1-year, 5 years

7) Schedule action items into your planner or DayTimer.  Once you’ve logged them there, do whatever it takes to accomplish them! (Note: if your action item requires a certain skill – allocate time to learning that skill)

8) This is one of the most important elements of a great goal:  STAY ACCOUNTABLE not only to yourself but to someone who has your best interest in mind! I find weekly accountability to be extremely powerful in achieving results!

9) Give yourself grace when you don’t achieve a goal you’ve set but it’s important to understand why you didn’t achieve the goal in the first place – is it fear, lack of skill, distraction or is it because your plans have changed?  If it’s fear, skills or distraction then you need to keep on pressing on until you achieve your goal and not let disguised excuses stop you.  If your plans  have changed, then it’s okay to re-analyze and repeat the process until you achieved your outcome!

10) Last but not least, have a plan to CELEBRATE YOUR SUCCESSES no matter how small and insignificant they may seem!  Every little achievement brings you closer to your goals!

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