Feel Good First… Feel Good NOW

Many of my clients, friends and peers know me as an implementer.  While I appreciate moments of relaxation, I have always felt better about always taking action whether it’s learning, serving and socializing.  And even while I’m relaxing, I am always DO-ing something – either reading, cooking, writing, working-out (yes, that’s relaxing for me)  or scrolling on Facebook news feed from my iPhone.  The only time I truly relax is when I nap, or when I go have my nails done or go to the spa.

For the past 3 years, I have been diligently immersed in growing my business.  I practically wore all the “hats” – I was my own Research and Development Team, PR Team, Marketing Team, Operations Team and Customer Service Team.  To keep me sane, I read tons of books on technology, marketing, mindset, leadership and personal and spiritual development; invested in Mentors and  attended countless of seminars, conferences and workshops and have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars.

While everything that I learned was priceless and are responsible for who I have become, I must say that it was a very long and arduous process where many, many times, I really felt like GIVING-UP, but these have kept me going:

1)  My desire to be a role model for our son.

2) The pursuit that I was called for something more — for a greater purpose.

3) My quest for financial freedom to live a life of choices and abundance.

4) My belief that “my message matters”.

5) To help Parentpreneurs’ and Solopreneurs families to value and respect each other so they can stay together.

6) Experiencing how it is to have Impact and Influence in my life.

7) Leave a legacy of significance and relevance.

8) Consistently provide INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION and HOPE to those who seek them.

9) Surround myself with an incredible “Circle of Influence” of people who are heart centered and have a common goal to better their lives and other people’s lives.

10) To continue to overcome self-limiting doubts and fears and be the best version of myself as my tribute to God whose Spirit lives within me.

While my reasons are all consequential and relevant, I realized that I have forgotten this critical component…


I have started to realize that I have been working so diligently and so seriously that I have neglected a huge part of me — I have neglected my spirit – the part of me which truly gives me unadulterated JOY;  that part of me which is the SEAT OF TRUTH and the place where INSPIRATION and CREATIVITY flows.

When I pray and meditate everyday I seek wisdom and the feeling of oneness with the veritable force which created the universe which lie deep within us.  Then, as I go about my day, I tend to lose sight of that and I forget who I truly am.

I am now learning that my priority is TO FEEL GOOD FIRST, because when I come from that place, my “Inspired Action” or “Inspired To-Do” List comes from a place of ease and effortlessness and not from lack or desperation of getting things done from a desired outcome.

I have done the “doing of it” and will continue to do so but this time, I will know to listen to me first, rather than from pleasing others.

There’s a gigantic lesson here that is unfolding as we speak and will be sharing that more as they are revealed…

Until we connect…

Cheering You On!


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