Father’s Day Post… Why Dads are HEROES!

Fathers are our heroes...

Fathers Are Our Heroes

Garrett and I are sitting poolside here at the Westin Mission Hills… planned a quick “Dream Trips” getaway for Father’s Day and I am so glad I did because my husband Gary had 4 days to just relax and have an awesome time poolside, doing what he absolutely loves best… playing with Garrett and surrounding himself with other fun famiies!

Needless to say, I am the more “introvert” half of the equation. Please don’t get me wrong… I absolutely LOVE people and being able to build powerful relationships with them offline and online – in fact, I love it so much that I teach others how they too can connect with others. However, when I’m on vacation, it’s almost like a sacred thing… this is where I get caught up with my reading and yes for the vacation “purists”, I have to be honest I do carry my Mac poolside πŸ˜‰

As I watch Gary and Garrett just spend time laughing and just being boys at the pool, I also watch other fathers play with their children… some are week old babies and some are teenage boys and girls. Regardless of their ages, one thing is evident… Fathers are HEROES.

Garrett's Hero...His Dad Gary by Emma Tiebens

Garrett's Hero...His Dad Gary by Emma Tiebens

From my own family’s perspective, here are “7 Things Why I Think Dads are HEROES”

1) They teach us to “toughen up” – while most Moms (especially yours truly) are rather cautious, Dads normally teach them to go for it and learn a lesson!

2) They are our #1 Cheerleaders! Have you ever been to children’s sporting events? Who screams and cheers the loudest? Dads!!!

3) They are “Pacifiers”… while Moms in general do most of the talking and “preaching” (alright, occasional nagging), it’s the Dad’s that come in and say, “Ok, that’s enough… let me have a word with him” and most of the time, peace happens.

4) Traditionally, they do bring home the bacon – and Mom’s get to cook them… they teach children good work ethics and children oftentimes model after them.

5) They are typically better at Math and Science! Thank goodness! I read somewhere that when Dad’s teach their children Math and Science and Moms teach Reading and Writing, children are more likely to assimilate faster.

6) They’re the family Spokesperson who deals with “Customer Service” issues or handling difficult situations and conflicts with service providers when Mom has already exhausted her resources.

7) They are the perfect “last resort” for obedience… “If you don’t do this, I’ll tell Dad about it!” Normally, children don’t want to disappoint Dad and most of the time, this works… (I can imagine it only works up to a certain age πŸ˜‰

There you have it… in our home, Garrett always rough houses with his Dad while he’s gentle and always nurturing and loving with me. When Gary asks him “How come you beat me up and you don’t do this to Mommy?” His reply…. “Moms are for LOVING and Dads are for roughing up!”

I think I couldn’t have said it any better…

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all you wonderful Father’s out there! You truly are the unsung HEROES and I salute and celebrate YOU! Enjoy your day and may everyday be Father’s Day that you will be showered with the LOVE and RESPECT always..

Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma ;)[

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4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Post… Why Dads are HEROES!

  1. Emma, Great words of wisdom. Your husband Gary is a very special Dad indeed… You and Garrett are blessed and honoring our men with gratitude is something we need much more of! Hugs, Auntie Diane

  2. Hi Niro!
    Thanks for dropping by and sharing your comment… I so appreciate that! Yes, I heard from my good friend George Fourie – after I greeted him “Happy Father’s Day” that this was an American June event… I am so touched that you said your father will ALWAYS be your hero… It’s a parent’s dream to rear children who will remember them as heroes and not “villains” or the reason for their failure… I believe your father left an incredible legacy in and through you…

    See you around, Niro!

    Take care…

    Emma πŸ˜‰