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10 Tips On How To Magnetically Express Yourself Online

I have been traveling lately and everywhere I go I see people using their smart phones, cameras, even watches to capture and share their experiences. I remember when I was a flight attendant in the late 1990s.  I took my “selfies” from my disposable camera and very few people did it then.

Now photos and videos abound! Digital content is being downloaded at an astronomical rate and Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and many other media sharing sites have launched millions of “celebrities”. It’s so interesting to witness people from remote parts of the world be followed by hundreds of thousands of people in social media, particularly photo and video sharing sites. This phenomenon is true across the board in multiple global platforms. More and more people are declaring their “Celebrity Status” by just living their lives, being bold about who they are and sharing of their experiences. Sometimes, the more loud, obnoxious and controversial you are, the more followers you have. Many people have found a way to capture their passions and knowledge and express that through the media to generate a following and be admired.

Look at this Instagram statistics alone! The number of users and the number of photos being uploaded daily on Instagram is quite staggering and the momentum is growing exponentially!  We all want to be part of other people’s experience.  It is human nature to be curious and live vicariously through the experiences of others.  Storytelling has been simplified into one image or one 15 second video.  Periscope is proof that there is need for real time engagement and reporting.


Instagram Statistics

Some people think that Facebook and Twitter could eventually slow down and Instagram, Snapchat and now Periscope will take over.   LinkedIn is rather neutral and niche specific as well as Google +.  Personally, I believe that while Facebook may not be the most popular choice among the younger age groups, fact is almost 1/5 th of the world’s population has a Facebook account and more importantly, are engaging and finding satisfaction in staying connected with the world through Facebook.   That’s 1.49 Billion people on Facebook!  What does this mean to you?

If you’re an Entrepreneur, Expert, Executive or an Employee who’s looking for more visibility to expand your network and potential for clients and connections, Facebook is just an example of one platform you can play in.  Did you know that one Facebook post could be leveraged and shared across hundreds of sites, creating instant visibility and credibility for you and your business?


The most common challenge I hear from people are these:

“I don’t know what to share…”
“I don’t want to just share my food pictures…”
“Who cares about my posts?”
“I don’t have time for social media.”
“What if I do the wrong thing?”
“I’m not technical – there’s too much to learn.”

These questions are very interesting and is very typical of human nature.  Did you know that the #3 regret of a person on their death bed is their inability to express themselves?  There’s a certain vulnerability when you’re expressing yourself online.  That’s why your reason – your “why” – in sharing of yourselves online is a very important piece that will make expressing yourself and sharing your experiences online more comfortable and even fun and rewarding!

For me, I embraced my vulnerability online because:

1) I really believe I have a message – that my message matters and I can help more people with it.  I desire to empower more people to also believe that their message matters and they can monetize it and make a difference.
2) I want to create a journal of my experiences that will ultimately serve as my legacy to my son Garrett.  Right now, it brings us so much joy to look back and see how our lives were in the past 6 years… It’s incredible! It’s like planting good seeds everywhere.
3) I have a passion for Inspiration, Brand Marketing, Speaking, Blogging, Content Marketing and being an Inspirational Brand Storyteller and Strategist is the career of choice for me.  I help my clients create their own powerful brands online and I lead by example.
4) My vision is to help as many people express themselves and create a life well lived – a life filled with choices.
5) I want to be a role model for my son so he too can freely and confidently express himself with the gifts he’s been given and positively impact lives all around the world.

Here are “10 Tips on How You Can Magnetically Express Yourself Online and Leverage Experience Marketing”.

1) ASK yourself these questions:  If you didn’t have to sell a product or service and you didn’t really care too much about what other people think of you, be honest with yourself and ask these questions?  “What things do you love?  What moves you? What activities do you love?  What books do you read? What causes do you support? Who are you?  What value would  you like to bring to the world? and most importantly, “What problem to do you solve or have you solved?”  “What transformational processes have you figured out?”

2) BLOG about the answers to your questions.  You can either write about it or create a video, transcribe the video and include the transcription with your video.  Blogging and Vlogging is a commitment but the rewards are multi-fold!  Your own Blog Site is one of your most prized real estate online.  This is your home where people establish a deeper level of trust and where you deliver your best goodies.  My son Garrett Tiebens just launched his own Blog Site – – if a 13 year old can do it, so can you.  If you don’t have a Blog Site or have been wanting to Blog but need help setting up one just like this,  my team and I can help you!  (Send us an email to )

3) NETWORK in person and share the same information live and in person.  Check out and – I have a Meetup Group I would love to invite you to… Click here to join our “Millionaire Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Meetup Group”.

4) EDUCATE yourself with the most cutting edge information in your industry and share your discoveries.  Share in as many platforms as possible and use Networking and Link Sharing sites like Reddit, Digg, PopURL, etc.  Leverage one post by sharing it across multiple platforms!

5) CHECK-OUT Trending Topics in social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and write about it.  Make sure you hashtag it, which means you put the “#” sign before the word that is trending so your post can also be visible to those who are looking at the same topic.

6) “THROWBACK” – Similar to Trending Topics but it’s more about what to hashtag during particular days of the week –

#MCM – Man Crush Monday
#TT TransformationTuesday, TacoTuesday or TravelTuesday
#WCM – Woman Crush Wednesday
#TBT – Throwback Thursday
#FF – Follow Friday or #FBF Follow Back Friday or FridayFunday
#Caturday – Not sure why this is! LOL!  Anything to do with cats! 😉
#SS – SelfieSunday – not sure why either as everyday is selife day! LOL!

7) BUILD and NURTURE – A common mistake people do is to not build a list and once you build the list, you must nurture that list by staying in touch and giving them value.

8) UPLEVEL YOUR NETWORK – Don’t get comfortable where you are.  Your network is your networth.  As you grow in all areas of your life, the level of opportunities that are available for you are also elevated and your standards are raised.  Invest in Mentors, Coaches or Consultants who will help you gain clarity of next steps and are successfully doing what you want to do.  A friend of mine told me once, “You can’t see the entire mountain when you’re on the mountain.”  You need a fresh perspective from someone who not only can see the mountain but has traveled that same mountain.

9) CLARIFY YOUR CALL TO ACTION – What’s your monetizable offer? What do you want people to do with your content?  Many people come to me and they want to make a million dollars and reach a million people online and most of them have this challenge – they have no clarity on what they are offering or selling online.  Are you waiting until you have a bestselling book or have produced your CD or DVD course before you start engaging online?  Sadly, if you wait for your book, CD or DVD to get produced, you’re missing out on the engagement and opportunities you have in front of you now, not later.  Engage now, offer later.  Give, Give, Give, then Make An Offer or have a Call To Action.

10) ENGAGE – During days when you don’t want to create original content, just scan through the Newsfeeds and Like, Comment and Share.  There are days when I am not feeling as creative and inspired as other days and I have trained myself that when I feel I have nothing much to give, that’s when I give more encouragement, inspiration, attention… It gets me out of the rut!  It may do the same for you too.  Social media without engagement is just plain noise.  Bring the social in social media by engaging in a positive way!  Never confront.  This is one of the secrets of being magnetic!


Write your book already!  Create those CDs and DVDs, Launch your Podcast, Produce your TV Show, Host your webinars.  In short, JUST DO IT!  You know what you need to do but why haven’t you done it?  It’s because expressing yourself is one of the most uncomfortable things people do.  If it’s that easy, “I wish I’d had the courage to express my feelings.” wouldn’t have ranked as the #3 regret people have on their death beds.  What are the other 4 Regrets according to Huffington Post?

#1  I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.

#2 I wish I hadn’t worked so hard.

#4 I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.

#5 I wish that I had let myself be happier.

What people don’t realize is that part of the perks of learning how to engage online is that as you get more comfortable and confident in expressing yourself, most of these regrets automatically begin to become an impossibility.  If your ready to fully express yourself and need help with your next steps and your own blueprint, click here to find out ways people, “Work With Me“.

I trust that this post has helped you get more comfortable in expressing yourself and sharing your experiences effectively online.  If you’re serious about marketing yourself or your business online, there’s no dodging this Experience Marketing strategy.  It’s the basis for Brand Marketing,  Attraction Marketing and Relationship Marketing.   I look forward to the wonderful things you will share out there!

What will you commit to as a result of reading this post?  When you make a public commitment, you’re more likely to follow through.  Leave your answers and comments below.  As always, “Sharing is Caring” so if this post has helped you, please Subscribe, Like, Comment and Share.




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  1. Oh my dearest Jason… thank you so much for your kind words as always… I can’t wait to see the things you’ll do still! The world so desperately needs your brilliance! Namaste… 😉