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3 thoughts on “Event Archives

  1. Great promo video Emma!

    I hope your friends take advantage of this because it won’t last long at that price.

    Special price just for my clients to provide to their followers –

    Let’s go Emma’s peeps – and I’ll see you there 🙂

    Tracy Repchuk

  2. Emma,
    I am sorry to say that I will not be attending this event. I know it will be amazing and filled with lots of information.
    Will any of the information be shared with those of us enrolled in your program that are not able to attend – such as video or audio recording?
    I know everyone will have a great time, including you. Enjoy – – –


  3. Hello Yvonne! You were right there in spirit… we had an absolute blast! I just posted a video slideshow… Looking forward to speaking with you in the next few days… Big Hugs!

    Emma 😉