Emma’s Happy New Year 2010 Message

Still here in Louisville, KY for the holidays! I had a most wonderful past 4 days of just spending time with the Tiebens Family. It’s such a joy to see a family that is so big yet so close! This is my 15th Christmas in Louisville, KY and I absolutely look forward to Christmases here.

I believe that the Year 2010 will be a Year of Completion for most of us – for most of you who have been following my Blog, my posts and videos. I believe that if we all stay the course and continue to realize that you are called to a purpose greater than you think possible, you will be sent people and opportunities that will blow you away! This is what happened to me this year…

I will do a recap of my year that was to just see how far I’ve come even if I am not where I want to be, I most certainly thank God that I am not where I used to be! I have learned sooo much, met some incredibly amazing mentors and I am closer to my dreams now, more than ever!

How about you? I encourage you to do the same… ask yourselves what you’ve accomplished this year and that will propel you to move farther this year!

Happy New Year 2010 from my family to yours!!!

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One thought on “Emma’s Happy New Year 2010 Message

  1. Happy New Year Emma!

    Just a short note to really thank you so much for the encouragements you gave me as I went through different paths of uncertainties over the last year/s.

    Let me share to you what I have accomplished with the help of my team, after you have fully inspired me to move forward with my passion.

    Here’s the trailer of the launching of The LaNelle Connection : Your Power to Connect…and Inspire! via ixomsoft.tv. Sharing my humble beginnings towards the end of 2010..and right after your 2-day live event -Relational Marketing Secrets. The regular episodes are coming soon this 2011…interesting true success stories of people from all walks of life….:-)