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CONGRATULATIONS! You’re Only One Step Away For You Monetize Your Message, Create Your Product, System or Service,  Become a Trusted Authority,  Attracting Your Perfect Clients and Build Deep, Meaningful Relationships and Generate Profits!



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You are receiving this message after you had your  Clarifying Session with me where we discussed your vision and options available for you to move forward.

On this page is a review of our various Program Pricing so you can make an effective decision in how to move forward with upleveling  your business.

There is nothing more I want for you than an online and offline brand that is VISIBLE, INFLUENTIAL and PROFITABLE.  I will enable you to Attract your perfect clients, Connect with them at the heart and Transform yourself into a trusted advisor and the only logical choice to do business with, just as I have created in my own personal and business life!

(Here at Palm Springs Television Studios filming a successful marketing campaign with my Mentor Joel Bauer and Jorge Bueno)

Let me ask you this.  If what I am offering you holds the key that will enable you to truly generate the income you have never experienced before and spend more quality time with those you love the most instead of spending thousands of dollars and hours, will you:

Take Action or Delay Your Success?

Time and time again, I have seen business owners get clarity of direction after speaking with me and some of them think they can do it themselves.  I have clients come back to me 6 months to a year later asking me to finally do it for them, or worse, having me correct the work of people they trusted to do it for them because they thought they were saving money.

Imagine had they started with me immediately, they could have already been experiencing success, instead of being back where they started.

You’re one decision away from changing the course of our business and your life!  I know I can help you because I will only equip you with proven success strategies that have enabled me to go literally fom online nobody to Trusted Authority in 2 years! You can do yours in 90 days or less because I will help you!


        To refresh your memory, here’s the specialized knowledge I know I can help you with: 

a. Company’s Mission/Vision/Message
b. Target audience and niche identification
c. Brand Style, Color and Graphics Suggestion
d. Copywriting – Tag Line and Content Creation
e. Content suggestions for blogs and videos
f. “5 Paths To Profits” Analysis and Creation:

o PASSION: Identify your Passion

o PRODUCT: Create your Platform, Product or Service. From That Passion. Write your Free Offer -eBook or Video to start building your list.

o PROCESS: Your Marketing Funnel – Identify your marketing flow or Business Ascension Model.

o PROMOTION: using “THE EMMA5” – social media, video, email marketing and influence marketing.

o PARTNERSHIP – how to identify the proper experts to connect with.

2) PLATFORM CREATION – How many times have you wished people perceived you as a Trusted Authority in your niche?  Do you know the fastest and most sure-fire way for your prospects to look up to you as someone who’s an Expert that they can trust?


It’s having a Platform.  What’s a Platform?  A Platform could be as simple as having your own book.  A best-selling book is great but most of the time, simply having your own book elevates your position and most likely enables you to gain a Trusted Authority status faster than those who don’t have a book.

I will enable you to not only be able to write a book, but have that book as your guide in creating your Products, Systems and Service.

3) Offline BRANDING AND MARKETING – how to become memorable and magnetic with the right posture and how to effectively network and master the B.U.I.L.D. Method of asking the right questions.
4) SIMPLIFY Social Media with “The Emma5”:
o Video Marketing
o Lead Capture Page
o Email Marketing Follow-Up/Autoresponder
o Blogging, Article Writing
o Facebook Marketing
5) How To Embrace Your Greatness!

I’ll help you get over your FEARS:
o Fear of Transparency
o Fear of Self-promotion
o Fear of Not Being Good Enough
o Fear of Speaking
o Fear of Video
o Fear of Success
o Fear of Failure

6) Product and Content Creation

     How many times do you find yourself wanting to create a product – a system, a special report, publish your own book or offer video tutorials but find yourself stuck with where to even begin the process.  I have published and launched 3 books and I know a thing or two about product creation and I can transfer my life experience with you.


7) Webinars and Teleseminars

Have you attended webinars that just flowed effortelssly where the host or organizer seemed very at ease and prepared?  I enable you to create your presentation using PowerPoint and I walk you through the ropes of having your own webinar or teleseminar and I have resources and strategies I can equip you with so you can start hosting your own webinars and teleseminars and generate an extra stream of income from the comforts of your home or anywhere in the world for that matter!
8) Connect with Industry Leaders and Powerful Mentors.


      One of my specialized skills as “The Relational Marketer” is being able to connect with thought leaders, world reknowned celebrities and industry giants through a strategy I call “Behind the Velvet Ropes”.  Pictured above are some of my Prized Relationships – Joel Bauer, Robert Allen, Mike Dillard, Mike Klingler, Les Brown, Mari Smith, Chris Brogan, Ellie Drake and Jorge Bueno to name a few.

Applying these exclusive principles, I was able to not only connect and become peers with leaders I used to only admire from a distance.  I was even able to write a book with one of them!  As a result of my unique relationships with these influential people, my status is also elevated through “Credibility by Association”.  I teach you how you to can attract mentors who are your heroes and create a win-win situation for them and for you.  Why is this important?  It’s because “Your Network is Your Networth”!
9) Marketing Funnel Creation

I enable you to gain clarity on your Marketing Funnel or Marketing Blueprint.  Most people call it your Ascension Model.  I help you effectively create and position your “free gift”, to your low ticket offering all the way up to your high end product or service offering.

     This is where I know I can be of great help to you.  I have mastered how to put together simple online marketing strategies and use leveraging tools to enable you to have a consistent, congruent online brand that is highly visible, that will attract your ideal clients, making you the only logical choice for them to do business with, positioning you to increase your profitability.

We will take your branding photos, collaborate on your branding colors and have professional and engaging graphics for all your social media and online assets.

My team and I will make sure that your brand and expertise is properly represented so you are UNDERSTOOD, APPRECIATED and ADMIRED and you CREATE A FOLLOWING.


Look at one of our clients’, www.SaveMyLifeDrRima.com  “Before and After”














11) Accountability and Results Driven

      I have a very low tolerance for excuses.  Our desired outcome have deadlines and we make sure that we move forward each week.  I am only successful if I help you generate a level of success you’ve never experienced before.  I will keep you Accountable and Results Driven.  I specialize in enabling you to take quantum leaps in your business by cutting down your learning curve by 10 years, saving you a whole lot of time and money!
12) Mind Mapping

       For the more detailed and strategic entrepreneur, I am able to help you create your blueprint with a MindMap.  It’s highly effective in enabling you to see the bigger picture and how we set and implement our priorities.

13) Keywords and Search Engine Optimization:

       I will help you dominate the top pages of Google so you can be found before your perfect clients find competition.  When your clients find you, it will be directed to one of your online networks that will immediately engage them and compel them to want more of you. You become their Trusted Advisor.


How would it help your business if when your prospects Google or search for you online, you’re the first one they’ll find? And best, they find your video or videos on the top page of Google! Just like these results:


“Social Media Strategist Orange County”

 “Hair Straightening Expert Orange County”



“Hapkido Orange County”



Imagine having someone to hold your hand and not only guide you each step of the way but also get things done for you? What would that be worth to be seen, be heard, be understood, be appreciated and create a following?

Spend a day – or optional 2 days – with me and get answers to your most pressing branding and marketing questions and be equipped with cutting edge information on how to leverage the online tools, resources and communities to elevate your business brand.
And even ave your photos and video masterfully captured by a professional photographer.

I know I can get you to have a powerful and compeling online presence and brand that when your target audience Googles you, you’re the first one they’ll find!

My team and I will create a powerfully congruent and branded online presence in 90 Days or less, Guaranteed! On top of that, you’ll get absolutely CLEAR on your Message to Market Match, Mobilize Your Mission, Master your Marketing so you can start Manifesting your Money Mircles!

How are we going to do all these? Please refer back to my expertise above this page.

If you’ve attended many seminars and conferences, you know you would have to pay 5x or more to the other “gurus” to receive a fraction of what I can do for you.


Why am I doing it for his low price? Because I believe in helping entrepreneurs become successful and as they succeed, I get to celebrate them and collectively, they help me help more people because we all pay it forward!

Here are the only 4 of my highly Specialized Program Offerings that my clients are happy and willing to invest in me for.  I can do these for you and so much more!!!!

I.  Complete V.I.P. “DONE FOR YOU” and EmmaOn1 V.I.P. Day Program- $15,000/
*Six (6) – 1 hour One on One Phone consulting with Emma Tiebens.

*1 VIP Day with Emma Tiebens at www.Center-Club.com

* Script for your About Me and 3 Training videos
* Filming, editing and uploading of your videos
* Learn how you can simplify video capture and editing
* Free Report for your “Bonus Gift” and Product

* Assistance in Conent Creation for Website Pages.

* Inventory of “assets” – videos, photos, quotes, relationships and success stories to position you as

Trusted Advisor or Trusted Authority.

* Outline of eBook or Video for giveaway

* 20 Magnet Videos – strategically desigined to get more sales and higher visibility on Google.
* Professional Branding Photos

* Fine-tune your “Elevator Pitch”

* Define your Tag Line and “Hang 3” Words

* The Emma5 DONE FOR YOU (Lead Capture Page, WordPress Blog, YouTube Channel, Facebook Fan Page, Autoresponder Email Marketing System that markets for you while you sleep.
* Professional Graphics for your website, Facebook Page, YouTube Channel, Twitter and Automatic Email Autoresponders or Follow Up emails.
* Intro and Outro video or Slideshow Video
* Video Submission to multiple Video Sites, Blog sites, article sites and even podcast sites.
* SEO and Keyword Optimization for video and website – submission for 90 days.



II.  “DoItForMe Emma” PLATFORM: Book and System Production: Starting at $ 15,000 ++

Have you ever wondered how top Speakers and Trainers generate more income than their competition?

Because they have managed to create their PLATFORM.  They have:

a) Their own published book.
b) An online infrastructure to capture leads through their Author Status.

c) Successfully create a Product/System or Service as their business ascension model as a result of their book.

4) Able to speak about their book and platform via a webinar or live events.

5) With their new found fame and influence, they are more likely to connect with and even do joint venture partnerships with “heroes” they wouldn’t have been able to reach before.

This Platform – Book and Product Creation is an intensive offering that is quite near and dear to my heart because I will walk you through the exact process that has enabled me to become a Trusted Online Authority in 1 very short year, after I wrote my book.

This Program Package includes:

a) 1-VIP Day
b) 12 1-hour Phone/Skype Consulting with Emma Tiebens
c) Unlimited emails.

d) Book editing (up to 120 pages standard 14 font)

e) Formatting, upload and submission to Kindle.

f)  Author’s Bio and Positioning on Amazon.com
g)  Lead generation System and “Marketing Machine” to build your prospective client list.

h) Formatting for printed book on Amazon.com CreateSpace.

i)  Info Product Creation – DVD or Audio based products and digital delivery.

j)  Graphic design for Book Cover, DVD and Audio covers.

h) Creation of Program or Service Packages

k) Consulting on Pricing your Program or Service Packages

l)  10+ Magnet Videos to promote your book and your Marketing Machine.

Imagine hosting a book signing for your very own book!