Dreams To Reality… Will You Take Action?

A couple of days ago, I received this exclusive invitation from a good friend and Mentor, Tracy Repchuk. It’s for her 3-day “Dreams To Reality Summit” at the Ayre’s Hotel in Manhattan Beach. If you haven’t heard of Tracy Repchuk, she’s a Bestselling Author and was awarded Internet Marketer of the Year.

I created this special video on the fly, to share with you why I think you should attend this event. As many of you know, I don’t normally just endorse anyone unless I know I personally have used their services and have seen results from it.

Her next event is on June 18-20, 2010. I highly recommend this event If you’re a new online entrepreneur or a seasoned one who need more information on:

* How to Brand Yourself
* How to set better, measurable and efficient goals
* How to find the money to fund your passion and your business
* How to find the right Mentors
* How to create better relationships
* How to increase your Social Media Marketing effectiveness
* And much, much, more!

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Turning your Dreams to Reality is simplethe question is, “Will You Take Action?”

Cheering You On To Your Success!
Emma 😉

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