Do You Have The Commitment Of A Black Belt Leader?

This Friday, I was so honored to see our 7-year old Garrett get his first belt promotion in Tae Kwon Do… from White Belt to Yellow Belt… The joy on his face from such honor was priceless!

What makes me really happy and proud is the fact that at his young age of 7, he already has goals of becoming a Blackbelt Leader. Master Kim, his Sensei has specifically told us that it takes a good 3 years for someone to become a Blackbelt. It goes without saying that with that length of time to achieve something, it will definitely take a ton of COMMITMENT…

This made me think of YOU… my entrepreneurial friends who have been discouraged and disappointed from not seeing results in your businesses. Trust me, I’ve been there… I know exactly how it feels to be committed and do everything you’re told to do and still not results.

What I learned from my personal experience that success doesn’t happen swiftly for some because there is a lot of grooming and personal development that has to take place still and in the process you are getting strengthened.

So, from what Master Kim constantly teaches his students, I would like to share with you the 4 Goals of a Black Belt Leader:

1) Set high goals
2) Make a commitment to achieve those goals.
3) Work hard
4) Never give up

Looking at what stage you’re at in your business right now, where do you think you need a little boost? 1, 2, 3, 4 or a combination of a few of them?

For the longest time, I was running on pure passion and intention to never give up and guess what, it worked!

If you haven’t set high goals, do it NOW! Don’t set mediocre goals, set HIGH goals! One of my company’s great leaders said “Dream a big dream! The worst thing that can happen is that the small dream comes true!”

So, can you answer this question now? Do you have the commitment of a Black Belt leader? If you answered yes, then I believe success is inevitable for you!

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2 thoughts on “Do You Have The Commitment Of A Black Belt Leader?

  1. Hello Gary! THANK YOU for the Pingback… and for sharing this blog post with your readers. Yes, everyday occurrences in our lives, such a Black Belt Promotion can inspire us to find something great to share and empower people with! You have such great content on your blog… you’re hearts in the right place and am honored…

    Emma 😉