Dani Johnson Launching “Instant Customer Goldmine” Today!

I had a most amazing weekend!  I finally finished my first eBook ever entitled “Proverbial Success Secrets For Entrepreneurs” and while I love writing, 3 days in a writing retreat left me rather spent!  The weekend’s saving grace was the fact that I was being coached by an amazing lady, Ruth Klein and I was surrounded by 3 wonderful women who were all writing their eBooks with me Judy, Ellen and Callie –  I love you guys! 

Last night, my husband and son took my Mom and I to a wonderful dinner at Macaroni Grill.  I loooove that place!  I had the usual Penne Rustica – my fave and Gary has the Pasta Milano.  We ordered a carafe of Sangria – a refreshing blend of Chianti and yummy fruit juices!  We came home and I just passed out…. I was really tired but I really felt a sense of accomplishment…  I have been intending to write my eBook and now, it’s going to be edited then finally published.  I am having my cover designed as we speak by Jason Herbolario – my trusted and ever-s0-dependable web/graphics guy from Manila, Philippines!

Today is another special day! Dani Johnson is launching her first ever affiliate program with !Instant Customer Goldmine”!  I only let a handful of people and mentors speak into my life and Dani Johnson is one of them! I truly believe that she is on a mission to “get people out of the pit” – the pit of despair, the pit of brokeness and the pit of poverty.  I was listening to her “Conquering The Financial Kingdom CD” again yesterday, on my drive to Santa Monica, and I remembered how I listened to that CD for the first time and last time in December 2007 and I knew that she is a messenger from God as her words pierced my heart!  

If you’re ready to crawl out of your pit, whatever that is, check this out!!!