Cleansing Tears… Refining… Refreshing

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Whew what a week it was!  So many amazing breakthroughs happening here!  So much excitement yet with much excitement also comes ambivalence about the proverbial “unknown” and stepping things up a notch, up leveling ones game and braving through fears and frustrations.

Today, I found myself shedding “Cleansing Tears…”

No, they are not tears of sorrow, rather they are tears of celebration.  I have reached a point in my business where I have stepped up my game considerably and looking back at the results I have generated for entrepreneurs who trusted me and invested their time and resources with me, I couldn’t hold back the tears from realizing that I have actually made a difference in their lives.

What’s even more moving for me is truly realizing the fact that my specialized skills and innate empathy for and encouragement of people is transferable and can be duplicated over and over and over again.

I look at the profound and meaningful relationships I have made in the past 2 years and I am humbled at the thought that some of my venerable mentors and heroes now even consider me as their peer and friend.

I well up with emotion to think of the struggles I went through, the sacrifices my family endured to support me to pursue my dreams and to get where I am today.

I get choked up in the knowing that because of my decision to step into my power and understand what I was truly worth, I am now able to  support a few families, but being able to hire them and give them opportunities for exposure to my world of personal, mindset and spiritual development as well as business and marketing knowledge.

But most of all…

I cry happy tears in the realization that my husband and son are my number one fans! That they are so proud of me and my continued contribution to the lives of others…. It wasn’t long ago that they really didn’t understand what I do and didn’t really understand why I was spending precious resources in courses, mentors and seminars and many hours away from them.

Whether I cry tears of joy, fear, frustration, celebration, love, adoration, empathy, encouragement – to me those are cleansing tears.  When I sob and have to grab a tissue and blow my nose, it signifies a big pause in preparation for big and better things to come.  Yes, you can call me a “Hallmark” crier and that’s okay too.

When was the last time you shed Cleansing Tears? As long as you don’t take an extended period of time to wallow in it, I believe it’s great to experience them from time to time… it leaves a “clean slate” feeling where everything and anything is possible! (I am sure Psychologists will have some wonderful terminology for this)  All I know is after a nice cry, I am:

Renewed… Refined and Refreshed.

Let me know when was the last time you had a great cry for a good reason and please share how that has helped you feeling renewed and refreshed!

BTW, I launched my LIVE WebTV show yesterday on my Facebook Page and it was a blast! Perhaps next week, you can come join us!

Until We Connect…

I Am Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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4 thoughts on “Cleansing Tears… Refining… Refreshing

  1. Emma! Thank you for that post. I recently had a mini cleanse when I received a proof copy of my book in the mail. A fellow entrepreneur wrote me an email that said I should take the time to “take it all in” and really feel the accomplishment… that I had did it! I said I was going to write a book and I did it… Thank you… I feel another “well” coming up because I know it’s time to up-level again and start my own blog… I admit I am a little scared… but you’ve just inspired me =)
    To your continued success,

  2. Oh Gemeem, now you’re making me cry again! Ha, ha! I can feel your joy and your sense of accomplishment that moves you to tears! Forward movement and milestones are there as a validation that we’re on the right path… I can’t wait to see your first blog post… just like Beth Wiles and the many other friends whose “babies” I witnessed being born! We’re here cheering you on!!! Blessings, Emma 😉

  3. Hey Emma!

    Wow, amazing to read your post and feel really proud in my heart as a distant witness of your journey.

    Your commitment to success and love for your family is a true inspiration. So great to see everything that you are achieving and even better to know that this is only the beginning of Emma Tiebens… Rock on!! 🙂

  4. Oh George my dearest Friend! It’s sooo GREAT to see you! Thanks for your cheers… Funny, a year ago around Father’s Day, I remember Skype-ing with you while we were in Palm Springs and you shared your vision for ThatMLMBeat… look at how huge you’ve grown now! You are equipping so many entrepreneurs and I couldn’t be happier! You’re now a HOUSEHOLD name, Mr. Fourie!!! Happy Father’s Day to you today… thank you for sharing in my vision and rejoicing in my joy… you’re a TRUE friend! Much Love, Emma 😉