Clarity Begins With Your Core Message


I just got back from Passion2Profit – a 2-day live event my by beloved mentor, Joel Bauer.  As always, the quality of people in attendance was very impressive.  The “Who’s Who” of major industries were represented there and I had the pleasure to meet most of them!

I also had the opportunity to speak with a lot of new and transitioning entrepreneurs.  Their main concern?  How to


After speaking to about 60 people this weekend, it was so interesting that about 40% of them had one common challenges:

1) They have too many passions and talents.
2) They are not quite sure which of their passion to monetize.

3) Those who are able to identify one passion are doubtful on how they can monetize it.
4) They are doing something right now that’s not necessarily what they want to do but they are monetizing and therefore challenged to step out and do something in alignment with their passion.

It was quite obvious that one or a combination of these  challenges were blocking people from moving forward.  The good news is that Joel gave attendees the tools to go home and work on the exercises and find tune their choices even more.

The sad thing is that I know from experience, that unless they make a DECISION that they’re going to be able to identify and clarify their passion, it will take them months if not years to be able to do something with it.  They will continue to live a life of compromise and will remain distracted and unproductive.  A year later, they’ll be on the same boat, confused and wondered what could have happened.

I realized that there are 2 major kinds of CLARITY that a lot of entrepreneurs need right now.

1) Clarity of Passion
2) Clarity of Message

It’s interesting to note that many of them are already jumping into marketing – learning social media, video, email marketing BEFORE they truly identify their core message.

The core message is tied to your passion.  There is a reason you do what you do.  There is a driving force for why you do things and while money is a major motivator, there is something else inside of you that prompts you to dig for a deeper meaning and reason for what you do.

Once you identify that, the possibilities are endless.  It’s like discovering a compass… a new direction… a new meaning for your life.

I am excited for those who are going through the motions of getting clearer about their passion and their message because if they choose to stay on that path, I KNOW they will find it!

Agree…. Disagree?

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Cheering You On To Your Success!


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3 thoughts on “Clarity Begins With Your Core Message

  1. Thanks for stopping by, Oliver and for your kind comments… it all begins with Clarity… Many entrepreneurs get so caught up with the technical aspect of doing things without truly being clear on their core message and the reason behind they do what they do… Yes, the lack thereof is indeed the seed of failure… Take care, Oliver!