Chris Brogan’s Blog Topics eBook Review

I just perused Chris Brogan’s eBook “Blog Topics” and oh my goodness… he gave so much in this eBook!

Most of my subscribers and friends know that I LOVE Chris Brogan and that his book “Trust Agents” was part of the reason I pursued Relational Marketing.

What really struck me with Chris is no matter how huge he is in the business and marketing world, he remains accessible via Twitter, Facebook and on his personal blog (BTW, I was so proud that on his recent blog, he had my post Who Encourages The Encourageras a special mention.)

Meeting Chris Brogan LIVE

I was so thrilled to have finally met him when he came here to Orange County at an event hosted by Bryan Elliott, Founder of LinkedOC who by the way is having another amazing event coming up tomorrow and his special guest is no less than Mr. “Crush It”, Gary Veynerchuk himself!

When I met Chris at the Oakley Headquarters, I have to admit, I was starstruck… I normally don’t get start struck but Chris has an awe-inspiring presence about him.  What’s really cool is that the day before the event, I just sent Chris a tweet to introduce myself and let him know I was looking forward to meeting him and surprisingly, he ENGAGED! He even asked about my family and how both our sons love Lego Mini-figs and I told him one day, Garrett will have his own LegoKid Online blog.

When I finally met him, I had my own copy of his book “Trust Agents ready for him to sign… As I stood in line to meet him and have my book signed, I saw my  awesome friend, Ricardo “Ribeezie” Bueno.  Such a small world as I didn’t know Chris knew Ricardo, who actually personally introduced me to Chris!

What’s even funnier is this was what Chris wrote on my book:

What a Relational Marketer” he truly was!  He practices what he preaches and he brings people together… Thanks for the instant “credibility by association” Ribeezie!

Chris was on fire that night! He had the crowd roaring from the “amphitheater” style room with his funny but profound presentation, which I took copious notes of.

Needless to say, I met up with old friends and met new friends that night – Coach Deb Micek, Louis Howes, Sven Johnston, Carolyn Himes, Jane Saunders and Ashley Cline to name a few.  Chris had a crowd of people who want to talk to him and he was so engaging that we all had to be kicked out of the Oakley headquarters that night as we didn’t want to leave!

My Personal Review of Blog Topics eBook

A few minutes ago, I wrote a comment on the Blog Topics Facebook Community but it was 1,200 characters long so I decided to just create a blog post about it as one of my Product and Book Reviews.

So here… I am sharing with you my message to Chris Brogan and the community on my review of his Blog Topics eBook”.
“Hi Chris!

Today, I just read your Blog Topics Bonus eBook… WHAT A GIFT!!! Thank you! I love the layout, graphics and how clean and streamlined it looks and more importantly, the golden blogging lessons you included there! It amazes me that you never run out of of ideas to blog about! You eliminate all blogging excuses with this eBook!

I especially love your Blog Topics (of course), Blog Format recommendation, Use of Images (and videos… I learned that from you early on), Product Reviews and Interviews! Powerful stuff!

This eBook alone is worth thousands to me and would have saved me a lot of grief as a newbie blogger 2 years ago… I highly recommend this to those who want to blog but have been making excuses on why they’re not blogging!” It blows my mind that you’re giving this away for free to those who join you for a teeny $9.95/month? An absolute “no-brainer” for sure!  I suggest bloggers click on the link below now, before you decide to no longer offer this…


Well, like Forrest Gump says:  “That’s all I have to say about that… ”  😉

Until We Connect…

I Am Cheering You On to Your Success!

Emma 😉

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4 thoughts on “Chris Brogan’s Blog Topics eBook Review

  1. I’m so happy you liked the ebook and thanks for the memories of that great night at Oakley. I love it. Thanks for all you’ve done, and for continuing to be so accessible to guys like me. I like that I can reach out and leave you a message whenever I want. : )

  2. Oh Wow! Thanks so much Chris, for taking time out of your UBER busy day to connect! I tell you… how you’ve leveraged the new media and still be accessible is beyond me! I am doing my best to learn the recipe for your “secret sauce”… All I know is that when I read your book, “Trust Agents” – my life was never the same… I even have a special slide in my PowerPoint presentation for a quote from your book when I speak in public and that is your quote:

    “There’s a tidal wave of people coming and it’s made of people. Some will run and some will ignore it, but others will be ready and find a way to roll with it. Those who win are the ones who are always prepared; while some people are hiding their heads in the sand, the winners are anticipating change and finding a ton of opportunities… You can be one of them.”

    So yes Chris, I chose to be “one of them” – thanks to you!!! I am writing my own book now, “The Relational Marketer” – it’s a few years in the making but I know it’s going to be a positive life impacting book just as the principles of your Trust Agents book helped wake-up, shake-up and transform my life!

    I know you have support coming from everywhere but if you ever need me, you know where to find me 😉 See you inside the Third Tribe!

    Much Respect and Many Blessings,


  3. Hello Edison! How are you? Thanks! Yes, I LOVE Chris Brogan… he has inspired me to blog and continues to inspire me with his being accessible…. for someone as incredibly influential and sought after in the industry, he’s not afraid to dig in the trenches with people and he calls it like it is… Happy Blogging, Edison!!! Emma