Rest In Peace, Prince… Happy Earth Day

Thoughts of Purple Rain… Earth Day… a bittersweet combination to remind us daily to LIVE, LOVE and LEAVE a memorable mark to let people know, that you too, were once here… Rest In Peace our dearest Prince – thank you for unabashedly sharing your gifts which gave the world so much joy, wisdom and awakening. […]

You Are Who Google Says You Are

Emma Tiebens' Thoughts, Tools and Tips

Emma Tiebens‘ Thoughts, Tools and Tips #11 – “If you are who Google says you are… what’s your strategy for telling it who you really are?” For years, I have been an advocate of helping people build a VISIBILE, INFLUENTIAL and PROFITABLE platform. It has taken me a lot of money, time and effort to […]

Napoleon Hill’s Prayer

Throughout my entrepreneurial and personal life, I have experienced many levels of evolution, and not all of them are rosy and easy. Yet through it all, I have learned to find the golden lessons from them and now I’m able to embrace the next stages of evolution with joyful expectancy. I have learned to bless […]

Use Your Personal Magnetism

Week 11: A Year of Growing Rich by Napoleon Hill

“Personal magnetism is revealed mainly through your voice, eyes and hands – the principal means we have of communicating with others… You can put this same power to work for you if you learn to exude self-confidence, spiritual strength and authority… Turn on your personal magnetism – see what it can do for you!”   – […]

Defend Your Dreams At All Cost

About 3 weeks ago, we officially launched our first episode of “Magnetic and Memorable Show” where we celebrate memorable brands and the magnetic people behind them.  The response was amazing! We have so many people and businesses raising their hands for us to go on location and interview them.  This idea was simply as a […]