By Staying Small… Who Are You Shortchanging?

I took our 10-year old son Garrett to Chinatown, Los Angeles this weekend.   Garrett, “The Martial Arts Kid”,  loves going there on a rather consistent basis as he is really committed to collecting martial arts memorabilia as he is about to make video reviews of them and share on his own blog.  My beloved Mentor Joel Bauer has also inspired him to take his passion for Martial Arts seriously and monetize that passion online.

As we walked through the main plaza, beautiful red lanterns dancing in the wind greeted us… It was just a beautiful sunny day in Chinatown as people strolled and checked out the shops.

I then noticed that on one side of the plaza, there was a group of 6 young people – probably in their early 20’s, dressed in black shirts and jeans.  One of them had a megaphone and one had a guitar.  They were politely sharing the Good News about the Bible and Christ.  Obviously, they knew that they are being rather bold by being there.  Their passion for what they are doing was so heartwarming.  They stood there, sang songs, read a few verses from the Bible and they were very pleasant.  They were just essentially sharing LOVE.  Their courageous and empowered spirit were very refreshing!

We just leisurely strolled and shopped and a few minutes later, we saw that a policeman came and ask them to leave.  They didn’t put up a fight but peacefully left.

As we watched them from a distance, with the sad look on their faces, I felt their passion snuffed out and a rug pulled from under their feet.  I told myself, “Oh I wish there was something I can do for them to cheer them on and tell them how they inspired me to be more bold and courageous, in equipping entrepreneurs with more resources that will show them the truth about branding and marketing that will  simplify their efforts and shorten their learning curves so they can experience success much sooner!”

As I watched them walk away, getting ready to cross the street, something in my heart told me: “Go give them lunch money… “  I had to really confirm what I “heard” in my spirit… It was so clear:  “Give them lunch money, hurry”

Before I could even think, I ran towards them, reaching for my wallet inside my purse and I found myself telling them:  “Wait… I just want to say that what you did earlier truly inspired my family and I.  I am sorry that you had to leave so please accept this….”

I handed the money to the young man who had the megaphone and I said: “Please use this to get some lunch for all of you…”

I then heard gasps and tears.  I didn’t understand what was happening.  One of the young ladies said: “Oh my gosh… how did you know?”  I said: “How did I know what?”

She then said: “Before we started today, we said a prayer and even wrote down our prayer petitions and one of our written prayers was for God to send us someone who will provide us with lunch and here you are! You are a definite answer to our prayer!”

I was dumbfounded… that answer to their prayer hung on a very thin thread! What if I chose to ignore the voice in my spirit? Then I would have disallowed God to work through me to bless those people!

Also, what if I didn’t have the money to bless them with? What if I chose to not acknowledge my gifts and get compensated for them, thinking that I wasn’t good enough?  I wouldn’t have had the money to give them and will rob them the experience of an answered prayer and the opportunity to take their faith to another level!

I would have absolutely shortchanged them!

Who are you shortchanging by playing small?  Everyone around you – your families, your friends – and those whom you have yet to meet!

Here we are, right after tears of joy were shed… It truly was a beautiful moment.  Sadly, the crossing light said “Go” and we had to part ways.  I regret not giving each of them a big hug! I didn’t even get their names but I gave them my business card so I hope that they contact me.

Remember, money comes THROUGH people, not FROM people.  The Universal Laws are always in motion. I want you to REALLY grasp the magnitude of this concept.  Realize that by simply reading this post, it  gives you the actual “experience” of seeing money actually coming THROUGH people.  So next time you are in need of money, look up to the “Source of Abundance” – the “Jehovah Jireh”, God, the “Formless Substance”  and not the immediate person whom you think will give or lend you the money.  People are instrumental but the money came from a much Higher Source.

I trust that this will inspire you to listen to that voice in your spirit.  Some people call it intuition, others say it’s their guide or their angel, I happen to believe it’s the Holy Spirit – who prodded me to take quick action.  Don’t pass up on the opportunity to bless someone…

Garrett witnessed the spontaneity of how quickly this story unfolded and he couldn’t stop telling me: “Mom… I am so proud of you for helping them…”   Imagine a simple action impacting the future generation.

From this day forward, decide that you will become unbelievably blessed so you can become a blessing!

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Cheering You On To Your Success!

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8 thoughts on “By Staying Small… Who Are You Shortchanging?

  1. Emma this is clear as a bell! Beautiful too. What a wonderful illustration of true wealth — and how that wealth is expanded when we have money.

  2. Hi Emma

    That was indeed a very inspiring experience and thanks for sharing.

    Your sharing reminded me of what I have learnt recently from Jim Rohn.

    “Every effort that we take reap multiple rewards.”

    With your generosity of giving to the group of young performers, you not only have encouraged them and provide them a deserving meal, you have also created a great learning opportunity for your own children and experience to share with all all readers which can further be shared with others and touched more lives.

    Great job Emma! Have a lovely day


  3. Thank you. I’ve been struggling the last few days to exercise my faith. I’ve been tempted to go back to work but I know my purpose is significantly more important than making a little money. Things are beyond tight and I am terrified that my family will be in the streets. I didn’t understand that God is the source and that we are the instruments. Thank you. I have no idea what tomorrow will bring but I know that God is in control. Thank you.

  4. Thank you so much, Susan – for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and seeing how such simple awareness and action taking is truly a wonderful illustration of TRUE wealth! Stay blessed, Susan!
    Emma 😉

  5. Hello Alvin!
    Thank you again for your very kind, thoughtful and heartfelt comment… one can no longer underestimate the profound ripple effects our collective awareness brings forth to the world! Thanks for the cheer, Alvin! Have a lovely day yourself… Big Hugs! Emma

  6. Hello Livi! Thank you for your honesty and transparency. I am so glad that you saw that HUGE distinction from my post… When we believe that money comes FROM people, we are limiting God’s ability to bless us because we don’t look up to Him and exercise our faith that He truly will provide and that our needs will ALWAYS be met… Alongside faith, there are actions to be taken of course… As long as you continue to BELIEVE that you’re getting closer to learning the lesson you must learn, then what ever it is that you need will also be revealed simultaneously… Stay steadfast and remind yourself that the wheels are in motion and you are in the process of RECEIVING the gifts He has in store for you and your family!
    Many Blessings,

  7. I was in the same training program as the 6 that you met (we are in the same ministry), although I was in Hollywood doing the same thing. I was amazed when they shared their testimony about you! God bless you for your generosity! He truly answers prayers.

  8. Wow! Thanks for sharing David! How many groups were you that day? I really admire your boldness and great love for others… God bless you always!