My Malibu Birthday…

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Have you ever felt as though you were being swept off your feet and a big, beautiful and vibrant energy is just effortless bringing you invaluable opportunities, resources and relationships?  Such was the case for me these past 2 months.  The word hectic is truly an understatement!

Despite being “in the flow”, I found myself feeling some resistance.  September is my birth month and this year’s birthday was very significant for so many reasons.  First of all, I have a confession to make.  It was challenging for me to admit to myself that I was going to be 50 years old.   I wanted to “hide” it and not tell people that I am turning 50.  It was a very odd feeling… One that I didn’t feel in any of my milestone birthdays – 20, 30 or 40.  I embraced those birthdays and celebrated for months with joyous anticipation and appreciation!

I received almost 1,000 of birthday well-wishing in and around social media.  In the years past, I would respond to all of them with a personal comment but this time, I could only click on “Like” as an implied “Thank You”…

The days preceding my birthday were quite challenging as well but this is a happy post so we will save the details of why those days were challenging in another blog post.  I really felt like a caterpillar being forced into a metamorphosis, knowing full well that breaking through my cocoon was absolutely necessary for me to be able to grow my wings and soar even higher!  My cocoon was safe and warm but was also vulnerable and susceptible to the dangers of being hurt and devastated.  I did a lot of spiritual and mental work to help me come to terms with the inevitable arrival of this Big 50.  For some reason, the number 50 felt as though I was half-way through my life.

It was around this time when I found myself letting go of many things.  Reasons, relationships and resources that no longer serve the purpose and path I have been put on this earth to live.  It was a time of purging, cleansing and strengthening.  A time to shed mediocrity and become more selective of the reality I choose to live in a moment by moment basis.

It was a time when I started looking through my relationships of people I absolutely love and trust, who truly appreciate – not just tolerate – my presence in their lives and vice-versa.  A dear, dear friend who has truly been with me through the highest highs and the lowest lows, is my friend Kathleen Ronald, Founder of  Kathleen and I met each other at a weekend conference in Los Angeles in 2006 and the rest is history. We’ve remained friends since!

Around the time of my birthday, Kathleen was organizing a Painting Party in Malibu, CA at the Wright Estate, led by Master Artist, Mary Wright.  Kathleen suggested that since it’s a celebration of beauty, life, art and women, it would be the perfect time to also celebrate my birthday! It was a no brainer! I was absolutely honored and thrilled!  For this celebration, she left no stone unturned – her attention to detail was impeccable!  Her generous heart just couldn’t stop thinking of ways to make me feel special.

Many challenges arose right before my party – personal issues and car issues.  At the very last minute, I was told I couldn’t drive my car to Malibu with 7 people without changing my tires as we are also bringing beach chairs and coolers, etc.  I was borderline the legal limit for tread wear level.  My battery needed changing too.  I didn’t have time for all of these the day before my party.  So on the day of my party, I had a friend drop me off at John Wayne Airport to rent an SUV.  The series of events were almost comical as my friends who were there could attest to… My friends, Iris McCammon, Raziel Arcega, Michelle Rapaport, LaNelle Schwab my Mom Elena Yambao and my son Garrett Tiebens.  We really didn’t think we would make it up the mountain in time for the Painting Party to begin, but we did!

Despite all the hurdles, once we got there, all the worries all melted away.  What a gorgeous place! A true slice of heaven!  Best of all, I got to see Ms. Mary Wright again!  Surprisingly, she was one of my VIP Clients at a Malibu bank in the early 90s and now, 20 years later, not only did I get to see her again, I was able to spend my special day with her and learn to paint from her! Wow!  This was the first time I took a shot at painting and discovered, it truly isn’t one of my gifts! LOL!

This place was so idyllic and was the perfect venue for inspired creativity.  I’ve never seen so many talented women in one place!  I was in awe of each and every one of them!  Their paintings were absolutely beautiful! Best of all, I was surrounded by friends and family I absolutely love and adore! it was a very safe place and whatever you create is perfect.  There was no judgment.

It was so cool to see even my Mom Elena Yambao picking up a brush for the first time at 82 years young!  She really enjoyed the experience!

The birthday celebration began right as the Painting Party finished and the sun was almost setting.  We also celebrated all the other September babies, including my dear friend LaNelle Schwab.


LaNelle was the one who so generously and thoughtfully designed this birthday cake for me and also brought food to feed an entire village and the amazing Debbie J. Nodelman provided us with the most delicious water I’ve ever tasted, called TruAlka – available at!

And the surprise of all surprises, one my dearest friends, someone I look up to with such adoration – the ever effervescent and loving Founder of 4 G Branding and –  Ruth Klein, drove up to the ranch just to see me and bring me such a delicious gift of petit fours and chocolate truffles and drove back down.  I was absolutely touched seeing her, I couldn’t stop the tears!

As we sipped our champagne and soaked in the beautiful glow of sunset right inside the Wright House designed by the descendants of Frank Lloyd Wright himself, I just sat there, surrounded by people I love and care about, I walked out towards land’s edge and said a prayer of intense gratitude for all that I have and all that I am in that now moment. There was an overwhelming surge of confidence that enveloped me and I was able to lovingly say to myself, “Happy Birthday, Emma… You’ve come a long way and there’s so much more in store ahead! The best is yet to come!”

As the moon started rising higher in the sky and we were about to say good-bye to each other and head down from the mountain,  I received this insight that was very loud and clear… I raised my champagne glass and uttered to myself;


Now more than ever, I am excited to guide, teach, empower and equip entrepreneurs, executives, educators and experts to live a life of SUCCESS with SIGNFICANCE.  As I coach more people, it’s becoming very clear that not everybody is looking for just the money.  Money is necessary for a life of choices but one thing that people are needing now, which is as important as money, is MEANING.  All of you my dearest friends give my life meaning – thank you too all of you!  I love you all!  (Left to Right – Garrett, Me, Kathleen Ronald, Mom Elena Yambao, Michelle Rapaport, LaNelle Schwab.  Seated L-R – Iris McCammon, Raziel Arcega)  Thank you Raziel for capturing these wonderful pictures, Michelle for driving on the way back and Iris for your continued emotional support.

While I love being an Author, Speaker, Coach and Brand Marketing Strategist, one area of my life that I am truly proud of which has given my life the most profound meaning is being a Mom… Garrett truly is the best gift I could ever ask for especially after having 3 failed pregnancies.   Seeing  him reminds me so much of God’s love fully expressed!

Armed with my renewed inspiration, in September, I also:

1) Launched my Podcast, “Magnetic Memorable and Monetized”.  It’s now available on iTunes and has gotten some great reviews! Click here to check it out – – You wouldn’t want to miss my “M.I.R.A.C.L.E. Method to Sustained Motivation”

2) Started offering “Coffee With Emma” Live or Virtual where I get to help laser coach you so you can gain CLARITY and forward movement, for a fraction of my VIP Private Client Intensive Day Program.  This is PERFECT for those who feel “stuck” and wants to identify what’s holding them back and how to move forward with specific action steps.  (Reply to this email for more information)

3) Opened our new office for “The Relational Marketer” in Irvine, CA right across from John Wayne Airport.

4) Accepted more Speaking Engagements on “Motivation, Media, Marketing and Money Mindset and Magnetic Branding”.

5) Started the process of designing a Year-Long “Clarity for Leaders” Mastermind Program.

6) Hosted Meetups for my “Millionaire Entrepreneurs and Business Owners” Meetup Group and “Speakers and Coaches” Meetup Group.

7) Designing my Signature Events, “Dare2Breakthrough Webinar” and “Dare2Breakthrough” LIVE!

My Podcast is a “labor of love” for you. My gift to those of you who are looking for Motivation, Marketing and Monetization with Meaning.  I have already received some amazing reviews!  It fills my heart with joy that many are already being positively impacted by my sharing from the heart – my “Heart Musings”.

I wish you Breakthroughs, Boldness and New Beginnings too!  Please let me know which areas of your life you’re needing the most of these 3 Bs… If you would rather leave me a private message, you can email me at or on Facebook –

Until We Connect…

Cheering You On To Your Success!


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