Big News!!! But I Need Your Help…

I just got off a call with some truly “heavy hitters”. Were talking owners of companies here, many millions of earnings, it was a RUSH!

The topic of the call?


Ok, here is what I mean, If you have a network marketing business already, or you are looking into getting involved in one, You know as well as I do that the “glory days” of training are behind us, gone are the times where you got to feel GOOD about what you were doing and how you were doing it.

There are exceptions, sure, I mean, one writer can do his or her best to light the way, but in the past, there were tight teams who knew what they were talking about and made it fun, and lit the way to big earnings for many of us.

Remember those days?…

The problem was that many of those teams went corporate, hired leagues of people and the magic was just lost. never to return (Or so I thought).

So there I was on this call, Multi million dollar lead guy says to #1 phone trainer, “Hey, why dont we just do a call for people, make it free and just show them step by step how to triple their earnings and have a little fun while they are at it?”

Then #1 Search Guy says to Social Media Queen “We should join in too so, along with money, people can learn how to become recognized as experts so they can command respect as WELL as even MORE income!

To top it all off Top Trainer Lady convinces “Rocket Scientist” System Builder Guy that we should do it all for not one nickel, just do it for the love of the game.

And in that moment, something special was born.


The last I heard the total number was 6 trainers for sure and another 2 were checking their schedules.

This is going to be big, one of those nights where we point back and know that this is the call that started it all, so many people, so much talent and experience all with one aim and goal.

Your Finally “Making It” and reaching your goals.

Click the link below and register, Ill be there, everyone I know who wants to build a new “glory days” era of feeling great about what were doing and earning obscene amounts of money will be there, and I want you to be there too.


Best to go now and get registered though, because the best parties are all exclusive and intimate, and so will this one be as well, we were only able to get 1000 lines on such short notice so there will surely be people left out.

Dont be one of them… And remember, help your friends too by forwarding this to them…

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