Are You A Survivalist or a “Prepper”?

In the past 5 months, my good friend Jorge Bueno has been talking about and introducing his students, including myself – to Codex Defensive Training, Survival Training, Meta-Leadership, wild food preparation, etc.  I find the timing of my “exposure” to this preparedness mentality quite ironic yet I welcome this with wide-open arms!

Tiebens Family with Christopher Nyerges of "Wildnerness Ways"

Honestly, prior to that, I had no idea that there are already huge organizations whose main goal is to prepare people in the event of disasters. I guess you can say I have been “sleeping under a rock”.  I guess I have been on denial that such things would happen.  I have always believed that “fear and faith” could not co-exist.

Ironically, it was also in the last 4 months when I have witnessed more and more disasters and threats happening not just in remote areas of the world but right here at home in the US. Here’s a video that my friends shared with me that also got me thinking seriously about preparedness:

I don’t watch the news often as I find that my trusted relationships online not only provide me with reliable information but also the steps I should take to prepare for the inevitable.  I am speaking mentally, physically and yes, spiritually.

If you’ve been reading my blog for some time now, you know I love to write but this post seemed a bit challenging for me because I have so many thoughts I want to share.


They are actually synonymous.  As our good friends from defines them;

“Being a survivalist (or the more politically correct term, “prepper”) isn’t just about the “end of the world as we know it.”  It’s about being prepared materially, physically, and mentally for whatever life has to offer.  Thus, I won’t feel bad at all if the “end” doesn’t happen in my lifetime because that’s not what being a survivalist is about.  What it is about is peace of mind.  It’s knowing that help for yourself, your family or your neighbors is as close as your pantry, your backpack, the small pouch on your belt or what you carry in your pockets and the knowledge and skills you‘ve gained through study and practice.” by Steve Gregersen


You’re probably in the advance stage of Disaster Preparedness and that’s awesome! However, if you’re a “newbie” like I am here’s what I’m proactively doing to prepare my family, my clients and my friends who might need some guidance. A great resource is in Gardena, CA as that’s where we get most of our supplies:

1) I connect and stay in touch with people who proactively seek and share information like Christopher Nyerges, Jorge Bueno and Dude McLean.

2) Attend Survival Preparedness classes like the one with Christopher Nyerges.

3) Stock up on water… lots and lots of it!

4) Create a family “Bug Out Bag” or a Preparedness Kit.

5) Start planting vegetables and fruit in our backyard (planters work great for small backyards)

6) Learn basic defense – like the one offered at Codex Defense.

7) Join organizations like the Center of Disease Control’s Meta-Leadership Summit, C.E.R.T.,  and volunteer at our local Red Cross.

8) Spread the word out using Social Media for relevant and trustworthy information.

9) Have a family plan on where we will be meeting or a family member we will be contacting in the event this event happens when we’re all separated.

10) Investing in solar powered gadgets – flashlights, radios, ovens, stoves.

Jorge Bueno and Emma Tiebens at Meta-Leadership Summit L.A.


I know… I know… you might be thinking, “Why would I include spirituality into something  rather physical?”

It’s because that what leaders do.  Leaders share their vision and their convictions so the people who choose to follow and learn from them might be enlightened too.  I am not about instilling fear as I truly choose to believe that I am an agent of HOPE.

Spiritually, it is time for us to be a Survivalist… a “Prepper”… Again, being a Survivalist:”isn’t just about the “end of the world as we know it.”  It’s about being prepared materially, physically, and mentally for whatever life has to offer.” To this I am adding “spiritually”.

Many of us have been burned by the idea that “Judgment day is coming!” or “Repent for the end is near…”  That idea has become as ludicrous as Big Foot or the Lochness Monster. Our hearts have been totally calloused and we cringe from hearing those words uttered or brought up.

I may not be a seasoned theologian nor a Bible scholar but all I know is that God’s calling in my life in the marketplace is rather strong and I want to be able to use the influence He continues to give me to reach people and remind them that they too are called for a purpose and that purpose comes with sacrifice – whether that involves being open for judgment and ridicule.

Obedience is not all rosy and non-accountable.  I remember not wanting to commit to following God at one point in my life because doing so could have meant commitment to reading the word and sharing not only His goodness and love but also his disappointment and discipline.

My life changed drastically when I met Dani Johnson 3 years ago.  She picked my husband and I out from an audience of over 500, asked us to come up on the stage and she personally spoke and prophesied over my spirit and someday, I will share the mp3 of that prophesy.  You may or may not believe in that but if you have questions on that, I am happy to share them with you.

Emma Tiebens at Dani Johnson First Steps To Success

Do you feel it’s necessary for you to prepare spiritually?  I absolutely believe so.

Let me clarify… this is not a post to challenge your beliefs.  It’s not about you-must-believe-in-God-or-else… This is not a scare tactic…  I am simply sharing my personal belief…

Please make no mistake… Was the idea of eternity the reason I chose to love and obey God? Absolutely NOT!  I chose to love Him because He loved me first.  The miracles he has done in my life has no measure! The joy, peace and power that comes from having Him in my life is inexplicable.  That’s what I am trying to share with you.

I cannot imagine life without Him and part of honoring Him, I am committed is to share His love to the people He sent my way and share with them about Spiritual Preparedness.  How can you prepare Spiritually?  This is how my family prepares:

1) Read his Word – I made a commitment to re-read the Bible cover to cover.

2) Meditate on His word

3) Spend time with Him in prayer… with no assigned time of prayer but unceasingly throughout the day.

4) Encourage others who are fearful and confused.

5) Allow Him in your heart and ask Him to direct your path.

6) Pray for an extra heap of faith and wisdom.

7) Intercede and pray for others.

8) Be generous in giving of your time and resources.

9) Reach out to leaders I can trust.

10) Seek forgiveness for self and others.

So, are you physically and spiritually prepared?  If you feel more comfortable speaking with me in private, you can send me a private message on Facebook or send us an email via our Contact Us page and I would love to help you – As the old saying goes…

“it’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.”

Until we connect… I Am Cheering You On to Your Success!


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3 thoughts on “Are You A Survivalist or a “Prepper”?

  1. Hi Emma,

    Love this post. I appreciate you sharing with us your spiritual beliefs. I am with you all the way: ” Was the idea of eternity the reason I chose to love and obey God? Absolutely NOT! I chose to love Him because He loved me first. ”
    It’s all about staying ready, not just getting ready.

    Thanks again for this great post.

    Hameed Hemmat 🙂

  2. Hello Hameed! Thanks for your comment… Yes, most people don’t understand that we are in whole or in part due to the congruency of our Mind, Body and Spirit… the essence of Relational Marketing is being able to posture and position oneself as a Trusted Advisor by sharing ones authentic internal brand reflecting on the external brand. You my Friend are masterful at this! Blessings to you and your family!

  3. I appreciate your comment, “Let me clarify… this is not a post to challenge your beliefs. It’s not about you-must-believe-in-God-or-else… This is not a scare tactic… I am simply sharing my personal belief…”

    As a disciple of Jesus and an aspiring entrepreneur, I am not in the habit of telling people that their beliefs are wrong or the business they are in are wrong.

    Just like the song my daughters have learned, my goal is to let “this little light of mine” inspire people and inquire as to what it is that makes me the way I am.

    And as for getting prepared, that is definitely some food for thought. Living in the desert, it’s something we rarely think about. I’ll have to bring that up and implement it with my family.

    As per usual, you rock!

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