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Hi, I’m Emma Tiebens. I am the  author of “Magnetic Memorable and TRUSTED” and Amazon bestseller, and “5 Paths to Profits”.   I have also co-Authored 3 Bestselling books – “The Relationship Age”, “Ultimate Life’s Lessons” and “Here’s How I Did It!” I am a Professional Speaker and I also produce and host my own Live Speaking and Training Events.  I am the Creator of the “Magnetic and Memorable Branding Method, I’ve been blogging and podcasting since 2009 and now getting ready to launch my own Web TV Show entitled, “Magnetic and Memorable”.

 Media Appearances:
Recently, I have been interviewed and featured in:
•    San Diego News Channel 6
•    “Access To Experts” – GVN TV
•    “The Game Changers” Radio Show with Bob Regnerus
•    “Money for Lunch” Show with Bert Martinez
•    “Mind The Business” Show with Ernie Castello
•    And many more Blog Talk Radio Interviews

My Mission
For years, the media has referred to me as “The Relational Marketer”, because of my ability to help Entrepreneurs, Experts, Educators and Executives to create a powerful and compelling online brand that enables them to “magnetize” their ideal clients, resources and relationships, where they are more appreciated, admired and creating a following of loyal advocates.
Personally, my mission is to help virtually anyone who desires to monetize their Message, Mission and Mastery, to gain absolute CLARITY on their unique brand message so they can leverage new media marketing – blogging, social media, video marketing, podcasting, book writing and email marketing to COMMUNICATE their message across multiple global platforms and create more CREDIBILITY,  Visibility, Influence and Profits.  I have created many information products around this.

Emma Tiebens Joel Bauer Asset for Closure-75 Passion2Profit
My Mission is to help remind you that “Your Story Matters”, because it is in your stories that your best life lessons are learned.  It is in these stories that you create a heart-connection with the people who are already waiting to hear from you.  While I am a Clarity Coach and Magnetic Brand Marketing Strategist,  I speak on and write about these topics: Personal Development, Inspiration, Personal Branding, Passion and Purpose, Empowerment, Leadership, Productivity, Parenting, Platform, and Publishing.

Emma Tiebens Speaking H2H
From time to time, I also write specific actionable “How To” strategies that will help you simply and demystify technology so you can find your own unique style and your voice so you an confidently and consistently engage to expand your platform online and offline.  I believe that everything boils down to this:

I also have a podcast called, “Magnetic Memorable and Monetized, which is on iTunes so I encourage you to Subscribe so you’ll be notified as soon as each episode goes live.   I also post these episodes right here on my Blog, for those who prefer to access it here.  I also have a YouTube channel with over 300 videos and I am very much engaged in and around social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Google+.  I have a Facebook Group called “Magnetic and Making A Difference” Group on Facebook so feel free to join us there so you will never miss a post.

Creating insightful, revelatory, recent and relevant content – that you can immediately put to use in your personal and professional life –  takes time and commitment and what makes it all worth while  is when I read your comments, emails or private messages on how what I wrote here has helped make your life better!  That brings me tremendous joy! I typically post twice a week and sometimes more.  I also promote VIP Events by my clients, mentors and peers.  I believe in giving value and sharing resources as I have an abundant mindset of “There Is More Than Enough”. To make sure you don’t miss my newest posts, you can subscribe via e-mail. It’s quick, easy, and you can unsubscribe at any time.
My Biography

Emma Tiebens Author, Speaker, Brand Strategist Timeline with Book
I am the former Founder and CEO of Bella Gemma, Inc. a jewelry design company I founded in 2004.  In 2006,  I was a record-breaking Executive Distributor for a global Direct Sales Company where we grew our team to 6,000 in less than 2 years.  Prior to being in business for myself,  I was a Preferred Banker for Bank of America, an International Flight Attendant for United Airlines and a Financial Planner.
In Manila, Philippines, I worked for one of the biggest movie production companies in Advertising and Promotions as well as Film Production.  My career experiences enables me to support businesses on so many levels.

On March 2012, after numerous requests from my friends, clients and social media following, I wrote my first solo book called “5 Paths to Profits”.  It truly helped so many people gain clarity of their monetizable message that some were able to launch their own businesses while others who have been stuck for a long time, finally saw a positive and worth-while forward movement in their business.  It was so successful that I offered it as an online course.  Click here for more information.
On January 2013, I wrote my 2nd book, “Magnetic Memorable and TRUSTED”.  It was my first attempt at becoming an Amazon bestseller.  I wrote the book in 1.5 months and within 10 hours of its launch, it hit bestseller in 3 categories.  Since then, I have helped many Entrepreneurs and Experts write their own book!  I have helped them write their book as their brand so they can attract their ideal clients, connect at the heart and transform themselves into Trusted Authorities.

Speaking at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore for Women of Wealth and Abundance, alongside 14 phenomenal women including the co-Founder of Facebook herself, Randi Zuckerberg was truly a dream come true!  To speak to over 1,000 women at the Marina Bay Sands jump-started my career as an International Speaker.  Now the possibilities are limitless!

Emma Tiebens Randi Zuckerberg




My Family

FACCOC Gala Emma Garrett Andy Edralin
I was married to my soul mate for 16 years.  After near-death experience giving birth to our only child, Garrett 13 years ago, I vowed to “live my life on purpose and help others discover and monetize theirs.”  Garrett is quite an Entrepreneur, Inspirational Speaker, Photographer and an avid Ashtanga Yoga practitioner.  He has a highly engaged social media following and is soon to publish his very first book.   My Mom Elena Yambao, whom we call “Techie Grandma” at 82, is a master at Facebook and games!  I feel very blessed to nurture  and care for 3 generations in our home – so much love, wisdom and a sense of family!

Emma Tiebens Garrett Mom Elena

In my free time when I am not meeting with people or networking, I enjoy reading, journaling, photography, gardening, meditating, listening to classical music, dancing, visiting spas, attending spiritual retreats, park walks, smelling the roses,  as well as fine dining and sipping champagne!  I also enjoy shopping for aromatic soy or coconut wax candles and scents. I also love empowering, equipping and engaging with people in social media.  I served as Secretary of the Board for the Asian Business Association and have been a Member of multiple Chambers of Commerce, Women’s Associations and Trade Organizations.
My Contact Information
You can contact me via email at info@emmatiebens.com or follow me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and YouTube.  Yes, I am active on all those platforms as  I love serving in real time and I have found a way to simplify your social media engagement so you can continue to connect, communicate and convert your prospects to clients and potential raving advocates for life.  If you are interested in a 1-hour Clarity Session with me, where I will help you determine your very important next steps on how you can move forward in the areas of Mindset, Motivation, Magnetism, Marketing, Media, Monetization and Making A Difference, please go to www.EmmaTiebens.com/session

Remember, INDECISION is also a DECISION so be mindful and choose wisely!

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