About Emma

I was an immigrant from Manila, Philippines who came to this “land of the free” in 1989. Prior to coming to the US, I graduated with a degree in Business from the University of Santo Tomas and I worked behind the scenes in the movie industry for Viva Films, Inc. In my 19 years in the US, I have been a Banker, an International Flight Attendant, a student of Certified Financial Planning and a Jewelry Designer/Business Owner. I acquired Certified Financial Planning undergraduate studies from University of California, Irvine as well as an Associate Jewelry Professional Certificate from the Gemolocial Insitute of America.

In 1995, I met my “Rock of Gibraltar”, my husband Gary Tiebens and after trying for years, God has finally blessed us with our “miracle child” Garrett! When he was born in 2002 I started re-analyzing my priorities. Four pregnancies and one child later, I had made a decision to leave United Airlines and re-direct my life to have more time with my family. When Garrett turned 2, I began to realize that I was called to do more in the marketplace. The two interests most predominant interests I had then were designing and creating jewelry and encouraging and mentoring people to believe in themselves! In 2002, I took at shot at becoming an entrepreneur, invested over $100,000 into Bella Gemma Jewelry and while it has become a successful brand among brides in Orange County, CA, my life was at a tailspin! I started to not have the time freedom and neglected the very reason I wanted to be successful – my family!

In 2006, I was introduced by a good friend to a network marketing opportunity and since I have always felt that there is no future in those types of business, something told me that this is where I will find true success. However, I was clueless! I didn’t know how to grow a network marketing business. I have always believed in the power of leverage and was a consumer for many network companies in the past 18 years – Quixtar, USANA, Arbonne, The Tax People, Cookie Lee- even the no-run pantyhose! I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would ever succeed as a promoter in this industry!

Fast forward 2 1/2 years later, our personal organization has now grown to over 6,000 people! Now more than ever, I am passionate about mentoring those who have a big vision on why this model works. Now, with the introduction of strategies and systems that focus on how to become a “magnetic sponsor” and learn and teach “relational marketing” via social media my excitement is at an all time high! During uncertain economic times such as we have now, one industry always rises to the top – the Network/Relational Marketing industry. It gives me great joy to see people transition from chaos to clarity. In this day and age where there is a lot of ground noise and fluff, I offer direction and access to sound and proven success principles from all the people whose paths I chose to follow.

Network Marketing is a simple business but it’s by no means easy! One has to really educate themselves, veer away from a mentality of lack and desperation. I am grateful for the mentors God has directed my way – Brig Hart, Steve Merritt, Tom and Suzanne Markosky, Mike Dillard, Raymond Fong, Ferny Ceballos, Dani Johnson, Pastor Rick Warren, Joyce Meyer and Pastor Bruce Templeton. I pray for them daily! I am grateful for my team and I dedicate my success to them! The past 2 1/2 years has become a time of new beginnings for me and for the people whose lives I am so blessed to be part of. The Network Makreting Industry will continue to bring HOPE to the many. I am so priveleged to be in this industry and after years of searching for my “true purpose” in life, I am happy to say that through Network Marketing and my Monavie family, I have finally found it!

I would love to help bring HOPE into your lives if you’ll allow me…believe in the possibilities! IT’S EASIER DONE THAN SAID!


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