A Personal Thanksgiving Video Message

Thinking of you – in the moment –
and wanted to share with you a very short video I took while driving back from the pharmacy, at sunrise today.
Oh what a timing for Garrett to be sick!

It was quite a hectic week having finished writing my book and now formatting it for Amazon Kindle submission and finalizing the cover. I can’t wait to share more of that with you!

I am taking a much needed and welcomed rest today though I’m prepared to be nurse and chef too 😉

I trust that as you sit down with family and friends today or if you happen to temporarily celebrate Thanksgiving by yourself, which I have done plenty of times in the past – that  this heartfelt message will resonate with you and give you more empowerment not just today but everyday.

My wish for you is for you to continue to Choose JOY and INSPIRATION, to Embrace LOVE and FORGIVENESS and Reside in GRATITUDE.

Get comfortable with making DECISIONS and when opportunities show up, just say YES and take massive ACTION!

And for more Thanksgiving Introspection, please CLICK HERE or the link below, to  read my post “Introspection on Doubt, Competition and Thanksgiving” as inspired by “The Science of Getting Rich” by Wallace D. Wattles. 

on http://emmatiebens.com/2012/11/20/an-introspection-on-doubt-competition-and-thanksgiving/

I love and appreciate you…

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

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Cheering You On!


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2 thoughts on “A Personal Thanksgiving Video Message

  1. Hello my dearest Barry! I miss you! Yes, I gave him an essential oils massage and he’s feeling much better… now time to check on the kitchen! Ha,ha! Big Hugs to you and your family and Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!