A Very Personal Memorial Day Tribute…

Sharing an impromptu video inspired by the Children of the Fallen Soldiers – a non-profit group spearheaded by my friend Chaplain Tim “TIG” Heaslett, CGSE, Lead Chaplain and Chairman of Children of Fallen Soldiers, based in Orange County, California.

I have NEVER shared my singing voice online but today, when I reconnected with my good friend Tim this song, “The Leader of The Band” by Don Fogelberg came to mind which compelled me to sing this a capella to  create this impromptu “Loving Tribute” video as inspired by the Children of the Fallen Soldiers –  and Chaplain “Tig”.

Sometimes, God puts a desire in your heart and we can find all kinds of excuses to not heed it… I just chose to flow with it in the moment as I know  that my intention is to share LOVE and AWARENESS… It is when we embrace VULNERABILITY where we find a true measure of COURAGE… Hopefully for my next song recording, someone will volunteer to play the guitar or the piano for me 😉

Please click here for more information on Children of Fallen Soldiers.  Here’s to a Memorial Day with Much APPRECIATION for our beloved brothers and sisters who have and continue to serve in the US Armed Forces and their families who sacrificed for all of us…

Here’s to Success With Satisfaction and Significance!



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