A Heavenly Hello?

If you woke up and saw this on your on your floor, what would your first thoughts be? Mine was that “someone” wanted to say “Hi” to me… My first thoughts were my Dad, then God and the Archangels… It brought tears to my eyes, but it made my heart smile that this small “miracle” was simply something that meant whatever I wanted it to mean.

It’s a time in my life when I continue to seek answers and I immediately find… I ask for renewed faith and I undeniably receive… When I feel weak… I am made strong…

Eventually I found out what truly caused the formation of these letters but the miracle of it all was what it ultimately meant to me. It was a validation that I am on the right path and I AM ALWAYS FULLY SUPPORTED…

May this inspire you that you are never really alone.  Heck, if you’re reading this, doesn’t that validate how connected we truly are?  I am sharing with you and experience and I am sure you do the same on a regular basis, and you too create a ripple of positive impact to the world around you.

In most cases, our desires are very similar – live a life we love, with those we love, doing what we all love and ultimately, leave our legacy and build a dynasty for those we will leave behind.  It’s really that quite simple, isn’t it?

If this is a indeed a “Hello from Heaven” what does this mean to you? Who do you think is saying “Hi” to you and what’s the message? Please leave your comment , share this post or click on the image above to engage in a wonderful thread  we have started on Facebook!




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