A Fork In The Road…

I am so excited about my upcoming S.O.A.R. Secrets of Astounding Results- LIVE Event with my dear friend, Kathy Eppley on October 8, 2011 at the JW Marriott in Santa Monica, CA.

However, this past week truly has been one of the busiest weeks I’ve had as an entrepreneur.

I had to make so many choices and I mean it seems like everyday, I was carrying a weighing scale on the pros and cons of each decision.

I mean, how do you balance being a Solopreneur, a Parentpreneur, a Consultant, a Coach, a Brand and Marketing Strategist, a Wife, a Homeschool Teacher, Financial Planner, Corporate CEO/CFO, a Mastermind Member and still have time to plan live events, Meetups, webinars, maintain an active Facebook Group, create marketing campaigns and still look semi-decent on videos that I put out online?

If you’re reading this, you know what I’m talking about as chances are, you too are juggling your time and everyday, you’re making decisions and find yourself always prioritizing.

Forget the fact that I am an introvert functioning in a more extrovert world.  Yes, interesting, isn’t it? I started reading this book “The Introvert Advantage” last night and it was quite fascinating!  I will share more about that on another post.

My point for this post is this.  We will constantly and consistently encounter forks in the road… we will always be faced with decisions to make and the fact is:


Period, end of story.

Sometimes, we are afraid to take full responsibility for our decision that we delegate, even our decisions.

Don’t believe me?

When you’re out with family and friends and they ask you:  “Where do you want to eat?”  What’s your immediate response?

“You pick… I eat anything except __________”

Why can’t we just say:  “Well, right now I am craving Sushi or Italian or French or Chinese…”

I think I know why… it’s either we don’t want to make the wrong choice or we simply want to be respectful or please our friends.  That’s perfectly fine but when the decision of where to eat becomes like a tennis match, not only does it become annoying, it clearly shows that no one can make a decision.

I have an amazingly brilliant Coach and his name is Mark Rabbitt… He used to be a Drill Instructor for the U.S. Marines so you can only imagine how he truly helps me commit to things and get things done!

Emma Tiebens and Coach Mark Rabbitt

In the beginning, I had qualms in being coached by such a structured coach.  I am rather a “softie” and even if I already know how to commit and get things done,  Mark adds that element of enabling me to make a more serious commitment in a very loving yet very stern way that really helps me take action especially when I am faced with “forks in the road”.

Last week, he shared with me this profound statement that is now etched in my heart and I now want to share with you:

“When you’re faced with a fork in the road, just decide on which path you feel is best in the moment and BELIEVE that you will be fully SUPPORTED.  People and ideas will MANIFEST along the way….”

Decisions will always be a part of our life.  The more we get better at deciding which road to take and believing that no matter which road we take we will be fully supported, the closer we’ll be to living our life’s purpose.

The good news is that we are ALWAYS free to choose and the more comfortable and confident we get with our choices, the more “unstuck” you become.  A stalemate is caused by indecision and indecision is making a decision to not decide.

From this point forward, decide that when you’re faced with a fork in the road and have to make a decision, just decide and move forward.  You just might discover some pleasant surprises you’ve never even expected along the way…

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Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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2 thoughts on “A Fork In The Road…

  1. Well, Ms. Emm’s:
    That was a good one. I can so relate to what you are saying. We all hv so many roles in life but you more than anyone. I commend you on home schooling GRret as well. I think I forgot to tell you that.
    I too have come to forks in the road again & the one thing I hv learned to do is trust my gut. If I have to overthink it then I know it’s wrong, even if parts of what ever it is are right.
    If it doesn’t make you feel good , don’t do it. That does not mean run away from things that are hard. Harder is actually good sometimes. But you must be fulfilled & your choices should serve you.
    Go get Emma you are such a star…… 😉

  2. Hi Emma,
    I was sharing this post with my friend John, including the picture which I described verbally. We were laughing a bit because in truth, life is often more like the fork on your table then the one in the picture (only two paths to choose). We face multiple optioned decisions. However, Mark’s quote still applies!