Your Passion is NOT Your Purpose…

I just finished back to back coaching/consulting calls… Honestly, coaching people to gain CLARITY, CONFIDENCE and COURAGE in doing what they do and achieving SUCCESS in the process is something I would do even if I don’t get paid!  This is one of my PASSIONS!  However, I also believe that for us to energetically and genuinely provide real value, we must be willing to receive a corresponding exchange for it.

After coaching hundreds of entrepreneurs, professionals, executives and experts, it is clear that there is something that absolutely connects their passion, purpose and promise, and that is their PAIN… The pain they have experienced in the past which they have overcome or pain that they are going through at the moment that they are going through as an opportunity to overcome and learn lessons from.

Here’s the kicker – the manner by which one overcomes that pain, is tied to the very core of their PURPOSE and PASSION is the force that fuels and complements the means to the achievement of ones purpose.

Recently, I was speaking with a dear friend, Sylvain Champagne, and he asked me, “Emma, what do you think makes you qualified to coach others into getting over many fears before they start monetizing their message?”   He was not surprised that I was able to answer it very quickly.  I said, “It’s because I’ve lived it, I painstakingly went through it, I cracked the code and I have helped many others to go through it and succeed.”

He said, “No wonder you are very successful… You’ll be surprised that not everyone who teaches and are so-called experts have actually gone through the pain of overcoming something. Some of them read from a book, like what they read and they start teaching the principles.”

It dawned on my that he was absolutely right!  That’s when I realize that most of the clients who seek my help me have a commonality.  They need help in:

–  CLARIFYING their brand message

– SIMPLIFYING their process

– CRAFTING their product, system and/or service.

– MONETIZING their message, mission and mastery

– DEMYSTIFYING technology – social media, video, email marketing


This morning, as I drove my son Garrett to school, we had a very profound discussion.  He asked me, “Mom, is it okay for my passion to keep on changing?  I feel like I’ve already had so many passions that I like to pursue and I am only 12.”  I said, “Honey, of course it’s perfectly okay… I remember feeling exactly the same even when I was 30 years old.”

Then, I reminded me of a revelation I had as I wrote in my journal this weekend, and that is:

“You may have multiple passions but you have one highly defined and predominant PURPOSE.”

He questioned me and said, “Aren’t passion and purpose the same?”  He was right to question me because I thought the same until this weekend, I realized that they are not.  Here’s why…

I am passionate about INSPIRING, ENCOURAGING, EMPOWERING and EQUIPPING people to success.   My means to help them is through coaching, social media sharing, video marketing, blogging, online visibility, webinars, writing books, podcasting,  offering my programs and last but not least, Public Speaking.

To be perfectly revelatory, Public Speaking is NOT my passion but I LOVE the feeling of delivering my message to a bigger group of people.  Speaking enables me to deliver my talks and really positively impact my audience.  Speaking was not my first love, nor is something I am ecstatic about.  What excites me about speaking is the authentic message from my personal life’s lessons – my own struggles turned successes – which I am able to now help a multitude with.

I am passionate about the positive impact my speaking brings to people, which in turn brings me a feeling of SUCCESS with satisfaction and significance.  Not to mention, the financial means to live a lifestyle that I love and the sense of freedom and choices that go with it.

So, next time you are wondering and finding yourself, “I don’t know which of my passions to monetize…”, just breathe deeply and say to yourself,  “All is well… I am exactly where I need to be… I know that as I seek I should find.  It’s quite rewarding to realize that my passion, though absolutely important is not necessarily my purpose…  My purpose is here and will be revealed more clearly as I choose to be aware and acknowledge that I have one…”

Remember, Passion changes and evolves, purpose SUSTAINS… Passion fuels and propels, but Purpose is the INSPIRATION to NEVER ever giving up.

And yes, as your Purpose becomes clearer and your conviction becomes stronger, it is absolutely and perfectly okay to MONETIZE your Purpose as the monetization of it will potentially enable you to live an empowered life you so richly deserve.

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To You Success With Satisfaction and Significance!


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