You Are Who Google Says You Are

Emma Tiebens' Thoughts, Tools and Tips

Emma Tiebens‘ Thoughts, Tools and Tips #11 – “If you are who Google says you are… what’s your strategy for telling it who you really are?” For years, I have been an advocate of helping people build a VISIBILE, INFLUENTIAL and PROFITABLE platform. It has taken me a lot of money, time and effort to learn proven strategies that have helped me uplevel one very important thing that most people overlook – the incalculable value of INFLUENCE. When people tell me, “Wow, Emma how did you build such a highly influential and powerful platform in such a short time?”

This always makes me chuckle and the real answer to that is, “I am the overnight success that took 10 years… I have paid my dues – I invested in mentors and courses, attended seminars, learned strategies, experimented, implemented, failed, got back-up, tried some more and failed many more times. Through it all, when money wasn’t flowing as fast as I wanted it to, one thing that was an “accidental” result was I unknowingly built my influence which has now turned into a billion dollar rolodex of priceless relationships, tenacity, inspiration and genuine intentions to serve for everyone’s highest and best.”

You may not be exactly where you want to be but as you focus on your progress, however trivial they may be, I suggest you start paying more attention and express more appreciation to who you are becoming and you will magnetize the perfect people, resources and inspired action your way…

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