Would You Rather Be Perfect OR Functional?

I was supposed to be on board the Century Ship by Celebrity Cruises to attend the very exclusive “Winner’s Circle Cruise” to be with my my Mentor Joel Bauer, other ProfitPoint graduates and top, top marketers from all over the world!

However, due to prior commitments and obligations, I wasn’t able to go.  Funny how things do happen for a reason as this week has been a rather nerve racking week!

Ironically, this week was where the bulk of my endless “to-do” list was supposed to be implemented and completed.

I needed to:

  • Do my Christmas shopping
  • Decorate our home for Christmas
  • Design, label, get postage and send out 200 Christmas cards
  • Begin my Mentorship Program with my M90X Clients
  • Help launch our book Ultimate Life Lessons on Amazon.com
  • Help Mike Klingler and Mike Dillard promote Elevation Group
  • Help out at Garrett’s school for Christmas activities
  • Wrap presents upon presents
  • Deliver the presents
  • Respond to many emails and phone calls

Normally, this “to-do” list wouldn’t have been a big deal… I could do all these in 1 week!

However, this weeks was rather challenging.

My internet connection has been rather iffy for 4 days now.  I couldn’t get on Facebook without the connection me being kicked out of the connection and I wasn’t able to promote the launch of our book nor was able to help Mike Klingler promote the Elevation Group.

To make matters worse, Garrett came down with a cold on Wednesday so I had to take him to the doctor yesterday only to be told that he has fluid in his lungs and now we’re back in his breathing treatments and round the clock meds.

I have not slept for 2 hours straight for the past 3 days!

Okay, this might sound like a rant but it’s not… I finally have a steady connection on my laptop so writing this post is just my way of “reconnecting” and decompressing… It’s amazing that blogging really is therapeutic for me!

I just wanted to say “hello” before I dive in gift wrapping mode.  I have 15 gifts to wrap in the next 2 hours so my husband can deliver it to Garrett’s school. It’s for the teachers and the staff who lovingly take care of Garrett throughout the year.  Gary asks, “Do you really need to do this?”  I say… “Absolutely!”

I guess my blog post title was “Would Your Rather Be Perfect or Functional?”

Well, I have to say 80% of the time, I am FUNCTIONAL.  People wonder how I am able to implement so much in such a short time and that’s exactly why.  I love details and appreciate them a lot but when it comes to getting things done, that’s exactly what I do… I get them done? Sloppy?  Not so much… Imperfect? Well… at times, yes.

So, would you rather be perfect and take the time and get half your “to-do” done, constantly stressing over not having enough time? Worse, is for the sake of wanting perfection, it turns into a paralyzing excuse not move forward?


Would you rather be functional where you’re moving forward faster, accomplishing tasks and celebrating successes along the way? More importantly, have more time to spend with those who matter most to you…

I would take functional any day!  I’ll catch you on FB and Twitter shortly… for now, need to focus wrapping presents and taking care of my boy 😉

Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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3 thoughts on “Would You Rather Be Perfect OR Functional?

  1. You are such a woman of vigor, Emma. You are not simply irresistible…but you definitely ARE unstoppable. You evolve in this lifetime as the Universe does on You. You have always keep me inspired by what you do and how you manage your time spending quality time with the Love of Your Life. Essence of a lovely woman? Truly IS.

    Keep inspiring others Emma…for it is through your Powerful Conversations that you stay Connected ….within you…and to the world around you !!!


    From My Heart,


  2. Hi My Dear Emma,

    As women, we wear so many different hats, including caring for our families, (laundry, doctor appointments, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning) and then we throw into the mix being a professional entrepreneur (building relationships, serving, learning, teaching). It’s a wonder we can get it all done! And then when the holidays are upon us (parties, gift wrapping, baking) it adds a whole new layer of things to do! I think the key is really knowing our priorities and then staying focused on them. I try not to worry about the little things (dust, dog hair) and work each day as smartly as possible. Above all, I’ve realized the need to do things for me, too (exercise, hug the dog, sleep) to feel peace, rested and contentment. My day always starts with a written to do list encompassing my personal life and business. It’s okay if we don’t get it all done, we are not super human, and although we can strive for perfection, we are not perfect. What’s most important? Our ability to love and serve and families, friends and others around us. You are a perfect example of that love. Don’t fret over the perfection!