Why Spirit Driven Marketing?

Why did I decide to incorporate Spirit Driven Marketing as one of my many client offerings?

My answer is quite simple…  Because I believe that there are so many business owners out there who are lost, spinning their wheels, experimenting with technology, yet remain to be broke, disheartened and discouraged.  They feel that they’re only one course or one mentor away from success where in fact it takes so much more than that for real long term success… there has to be a complete connection between MIND, BODY AND SPIRIT… Yes, spirit.   To think that success simply lies in learning the latest and greatest in marketing strategies is such a fallacy and is a big trap for failure.

When I started in my quest for online marketing success, I had a burning desire to reach out to the believers in the marketplace.  Those who truly believe they are called for a higher purpose, yet are doubtful that they will ever get there because for one reason or another, they remain stuck and couldn’t seem to move forward to experience success in their business.

However, as continued to seek new knowledge, that burning desire was simply set aside to make room for new knowledge, new relationships and more expanded opportunities.

Through all my successes there has always been a nudging… a question being asked from my Spirit… “When are you going back to the purpose I called you for?”

My brief story…

In 2006, at a business conference for my direct sales organization, I “met” God…  Honestly, I thought I already knew him since I was raised in a Catholic home and went to a Catholic University.  It wasn’t until this business conference where I truly felt the power of God over me… I flew to St. Augustine, FL to find out more how I can grow my business but instead, what I received that weekend turned my life around!

I realized that God had a huge plan for me in the business world… something I never thought even existed! Why would God even call people in the business world?  I was so totally clueless!  All I knew was that I had a passion to serve and help people.  I had no idea that God would call me to encourage, empower and equip entrepreneurs!

That year was the beginning of the many joyful and painful awakenings.  It was so interesting to see how when God calls us to something that is far beyond what we can see, there are challenges and consistent tests.  It’s part of removing that dross, akin to purifying silver.  Only when those impurities are gone that he can do His perfect work!

In 2008, I met an amazing lady, Dani Johnson. I found her online and I especially loved her teachings on “Conquering The Financial Kingdom”.

I don’t know about you but nobody taught me about money and how to manage money.  As an immigrant from Manila, Philippines, my life in the US was so exciting as I have access to anything for as long as I have my credit cards!  Mortgage on a million dollar home? Sure! Why not?  Driving brand new cars? Piece of cake… Designer everything?  Who wouldn’t?

It was only after I realized that we were playing catch up with our finances that I fell right into a trap… a big lie…

Life is not about keeping up with the Joneses because…


I realized that if I continue to follow the Joneses, I too will become broke!

It was Dani Johnson’s teachings that truly woke us up from deep slumber.  God’s calling in my life was even more magnified when Dani herself called my husband and I on stage as she did her Spiritual Equipping one Saturday evening and that’s when she prophesied over our lives and appointed us to be one of the “Kings In The Marketplace”.  (I have the MP3 file of the actual anointing for those who are interested to hear it…)

You know what’s interesting?  I just recently unearthed that MP3, to listen to it… I listened to it over and over and it left me weeping… that left me deeply humbled that to realize that my simple life was actually available to be used in mightier ways!

Do you want to know what Dani prophesied over my life that Saturday night, on Jan. 19, 2008?    I – N – F – L – U – E – N – C – E !!!

Now it’s perfectly clear why I am passionate about connecting with industry leaders, increasing my circle of influence and teaching others to do the same and bring them with me and connect them with powerful leaders and with each other as they too become influential leaders!

For 2 years, I sought wisdom, paid thousands of dollars more into investing in myself, desiring to learn as much as I can in the shortest amount of time so I can quickly teach others what they can do so they too can fulfill their God ordained purpose.

Aside from being mentored by Dani Johnson and Joyce Meyer, it was during this time when God continued to lead me to the most amazing and most successful leaders, marketers and mentors in the world – Joel Bauer, Mari Smith, Mike Klingler, Mike Dillard, Mike Koenigs, Chris Brogan, Jorge Bueno, Ruth Klein, Ann Sieg, Kathleen Ronald, and Jerry Chen…. these are my mentors who have now become my Trusted Advisors. They taught me so much of what I know in marketing and spiritual development and now I can transfer that priceless knowledge to you.

I absolutely believe that everyone was born with and for a purpose but…


In 2009, while attending a live event in San Diego, I woke up at 4:30 am in my hotel room and was led to craft my life’s mission which remains true to this day:

“To live a life on purpose
and help others find theirs…

To always reflect God’s love in
my life and be a light on a hill for others
to see…

To bring hope to the hopeless…

To become unbelievably blessed so
I can become a blessing”

It was also that morning when The Relational Marketer was born and the goal for The Relational Marketer was to Encourage, Empower and Equip Entrepreneurs, especially those who too are called to be “Kings In The Marketplace”.

What are Kings In The Marketplace, you might ask?

Well, in Biblical Times, there were Kings and there were Priests…

In Dani Johnson’s book, Spirit Driven Success, here’s what she wrote about Marketplace Kings:

“Who has the influence? The kings.  This is the way it works in the Bible. You see, the priests served the kings not the other way around.  The priests served the kings.  The priests were the ones, through relationship with that king, relationship with God, would hear from God and would bring direction and  a message to the king .  So who had the voice with the people? The king.

The king was the voice box to the people, not the priest.  The same is true today.

The priest is supposed to – the pastor, the minister – is supposed to influence the king, raise him up, give him Godly advice, give him good direction, that they would be a light on a hill, and that they turn to their place of influence and they shout from the mountain tops the direction from Almighty God. The kings have the influence in the marketplace.

Who’s at the head of the Internet? The kings.  Who’s the head of books?  The Kings.  Who’s at the head of everything that I just mentioned, movies, music, all of it? Kings.  They are leaders.  Leaders are dominating the marketplace, and God is looking for a peculiar people that want to run with Him, that want to take the cities by storm.  He wants a peculiar people that His anointing will be on for business, because business is one of the chief influencers in our cities and in the world today.”

It was Dani Johnson and her book Spirit Driven Success that has inspired me to help you become a Spirit Driven Marketer.  If you haven’t read Spirit Driven Success, grab a copy now and find out for yourself why it has become a bestselling book!

I love marketing.  God has definitely gifted me with the desire to learn the latest and greatest in technology so I can learn and teach others how they can save themselves years of frustration and learning.  It has become my passion to help business owners and entrepreneurs who are struggling to make sense of online marketing and technology and take them from CONFUSION TO CLARITY.

Spirit Driven Marketing combines spirit inspired personal development and specialized marketing skills to help you build a sustainable and successful business so you can help others do the same.

Open your mind, your heart and your spirit as you discover that you are called for so much more than what you can even begin to comprehend right now.

Where do you go from here?

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3) You can join me at Dani Johnson’s First Steps To Success, 2 day live event happening 4x a year in Dallas, LA, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Orlando or sometimes, even London and Australia.  Clients pay me $500- $600 for my 1 hour consulting and by you coming with me to First Steps To Success, you will spend 2 days with me and you can ask me anything!  Honestly, I really just want to get to know you and be able to encourage you.

Click here to find out where and when her next First Steps to Success will be and I would love to meet you in person there!

I look forward to working alongside you as we continue to allow God to use our gifts to better other people’s lives.

After all, when we look at what’s really important for us – after all the distractions of pursuing fame and money are no longer there – we realize that what matters most are family, health, the values we stand for and the legacy we want to leave…

What keeps us going are FAITH, HOPE and LOVE and the greatest of these is LOVE.

Until we connect…

I Am Cheering You On To Your Success!

Emma 😉

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