Why I Cleaned My Messes…Why You Should Too!

Have you ever felt that something is holding your success back but can’t put your finger on it? We all aim for different levels of success and after achieving a certain level, we are ready for the next.

Sometimes though, we feel “stuck” and no matter what we do or how hard we work, we remain stuck. That’s what I felt in the past 3 months. I have been gearing up to launch my “Your Own Celebrity Video” business but somehow something gets in the way.

One of the very first lessons I learned last year regarding success breakthroughs came from a lady I so admire…her name is Dani Johnson. She introduced me to the concept of “prospering where you’re planted”. I remember her saying “God has given you talents, resources and money to manage and until you’re able to be a good custodian of it, He’s not going to give you more”.

Joyce Meyer also told me something along those lines: “You can’t expect money if you don’t respect money”.

On May 16, 2009, while attending the Dreams to Reality Summit by Best-selling Author and Success Coach, Tracy Repchuk, we had the opportunity to listen to some amazing speakers! However, there was a gentleman who grabbed my full attention. His name is Raymond Aaron. Raymond is a highly respected Life and Success Coach and what he shared with us that day was straight from God’s mouth to my heart. He said “A mess is a lock on the gate that keeps abundance out! A mess is anything on the inside that is not in congruence with your outside…” Wow, that hit me like a ton of brick!

I started thinking about the many messes that I have allowed to slowly creep into my home, my life, my relationships and my spirit. I realized that I have done a great job telling my messes “I will deal with you once I achieve this financial goal…”. What I was forgetting was that every time I see or remember a particular mess, it actually subconsciouly derails my focus!

So, for the past month, I have been busy cleaning up my messes and that includes re-organizing my garage, tidying my home office, made my DayTimer system more efficient, putting more organizers and hooks in my closet, clearing out Garrett’s closet, dusting the books in my library, washing the drapes, removing the area rug from our family room and even cleaning the floor grout in our entire home all by myself! Well, except for when our 7-yr old son Garrett wanted to help out with grout removal in the kitchen.   He actually loved it!  Now you know why I have a soft spot for Billy Mays’ Kaboom and OxiClean…they truly are amazing!  Below  are some before and after photos:


While others might see this as a waste of my time, I have to disagree. It was during tidying of these messes when I received clearer revelations and business ideas that I was able to implement while cleaning my messes. My friends told me to just hire someone to do the work and normally I would have but this time, cleaning up my messes has become a personal challenge and the only victor I would accept was if the effort personally was done by me.

I am happy and proud to say that as a result of this, when I walk into my home, I feel victorious… there was no more feeling “Ugh, I wish I had more time to do that….” or “Ugh, I’m slacking on being a wife and Mom…” Getting rid of those messes truly freed me from guilt, allowing me to focus more on what I do best – encouraging and empowering others to succeed. Oh and by the way, it was during this time when I got a video client who has asked me to create 5 videos for her!

What messes do you have in your lives? Maybe it’s time for an inventory and start scheduling when you will tackle them. You never know… just by doing so could simply allow you to take the first step towards a more victorious living!

5 thoughts on “Why I Cleaned My Messes…Why You Should Too!

  1. I can’t agree more, Emma. I enjoyed reading this. When I focus in on organizing and clearing clutter it empowers me to conquer my “get ahead list.” If you really reflect on it, when you are in surroundings anywhere that are dirty, cluttered, and run down it affects your mood and well being. When you’re in a beautiful, pristine, and calming environment you feel great and project a content image with a smile.
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hello Bettina!
    Thanks for stoppingi by and leaving a comment and a “hello”. Glad you liked this article… it’s amazing how cleaning messes helps in focusing ones energy into the tasks at hand which needs to be accomplished. I didn’t realize how distracting messes truly were! BTW, I LOVE YOUR SHAWLS! One day, I will get myself a Bettina Knit 😉 You are super talented! Thanks again, Bettina!

    Kind Regards,

    Emma 😉

  3. Hello Alaia!

    How are you? I believe we are also FB friends…aren’t we? Thanks for stopping by to say hello and leaving a comment… thanks for the “cheer” on getting it done! It wasn’t easy but once it was done, I felt like a ton was lifted off my shoulder! I hope you took some time off during the holiday…thanks in advance for the “tweet” 😉

    Kind Regards,

    Emma 😉

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