What Do You Need Most? Inspiration, Motivation or SKILLS?

Emma Tiebens at Dani Johnson's First Steps To Success LA

I am still in awe of what transpired this weekend at Dani Johnson’s First Steps To Success event.  In case you don’t know yet, I found Dani Johnson online 3 years ago and as soon as I heard her message, I immediately flew to Atlanta, GA with the top leaders of my organization and there I personally met Dani Johnson.  She gave me the utmost dose of inspiration, purpose and direction I needed to move forward with the greatest calling for my life… to help equip entrepreneurs in the marketplace and do what I can to become unbelievably blessed so I can become a blessing and help others learn the secrets of how they too can become a blessing! It’s the PERFECT PLAN!

Emma with Nellie, Rose, Moxi and Philip at First Steps To Success

Barely 4 months after that, I met Mike Dillard when I went to Austin, TX – that’s when I also met Tim Erway, Justin Christianson, Raymond Fong and Fernando Ceballos as they trained us on how to generate traffic online.  I will never forget that weekend as this weekend truly taught me tangible skills that I still practice to this day.  Also that weekend, there is this hidden gem whom I really didn’t get to meet while I was at the event but it was a few weeks later on that we connected, my good friend, Jerry Chen. It was also during this year when I spent time with my good friend and mentor, Ruth Klein. The remaining few months of 2008 was spent learning new skills… online marketing, video, social media, blogging, joint venture collaboration, etc.

Then, 2009 rolls in and now that I am more specific with the skills I posses, it was time to kick it up a notch and invest in more serious mentors, learn and connect with influential people – Ann Sieg, Mike Klingler, Mari Smith, Tracy Repchuk, Ellie Drake, Seth Godin, Jorge Bueno and Chris Brogan to name a few.  This was the year I met the Mentor who took my life beyond anything I ever expected… Joel Bauer. Joel Bauer introduced me to the possibility of myself becoming an Author and an International Speaker.

In 2010, realizing that I can now translate my skills and experiences to people, I started Coaching and Consulting.  I wasn’t quite ready to create my own product.  However, this was a year I will NEVER forget as this is where I experienced major breakthroughs in my business and personal life.  As a result of the many mentors I invested in, thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours spent in attending personal and business development seminars, I became a Best-Selling co-author of the book “The Relationship Age” with  one of my top social media marketing heroes, Mari Smith. It was this year that through the unconditional encouragement of my Mentor Joel Bauer that when I when I accepted my calling to be an International Platform Speaker and in Dec. 2010, I had my very first solo 2 day Live Event “Relational Marketing Secrets” at the Hilton LAX.

Now it’s January 2011… I just came back from Dani Johnson’s First Steps To Success and it seems like I finally have come full circle!  Sitting there this weekend reminded me of why I became and entrepreneur in the first place.  The focus was no longer to continue to get inspired, motivated or acquire skills.  This time it was deeper…  This event brought me back to my commitment to my Designer and the fulfillment of my Destiny by which he Designed me for.

This weekend I felt like I have “come home”.  Dani teaches incredible leadership skills that will take anyone years to master.  I know now that she will become an integral part of the leadership training I will introduce those who truly want to succeed in their businesses.  I will be giving those who choose to be mentored by me, the opportunity to get to know Dani and learn from her things that only she can teach!

Dani Johnson is truly the Mother of Relationship Marketing! It’s so interesting that while I have not attend her events for over almost 2 years now, the inspiration she gave me just from attending 4 First Steps and 1 Creating A Dynasty has left an indelible mark in me that I embraced Relational Marketing as something that everyone needs to succeed in life! Co-incidence?  There is no such thing…  I believe that in our hearts of hearts, we are all Relational Marketers!

Emma Tiebens' Prized Relationships

So my challenge to you is this…

Most of my potential clients always seem to ask me:

“So, how long will it take me to generate some income?”

“Is there really money in online marketing?”

“Can I really succeed at this like most people say they do?”

“Who is that one person out there I could learn from to jump start me in making money?”

Etc… Etc…

While I absolutely understand why people ask these questions,  it’s so interesting to note that I can also tell at what stage in their business and personal growth a person is in, depending on the questions they ask me.

Brand new online entrepreneurs always seem to ask “When will I start making money?”

Some “seasoned” entrepreneurs who have already acquired some skills will normally ask: “What is the best course for me to purchase so I can learn more on how to tie the pieces together?”

The more mature online marketers who now understand that it does take time to make money and have purchased tons of courses – some of which are still unused and unread – now begin to ask “Who is the best mentor I can connect with to take my business to the next level?”

Through it all, there are 3 main requirements that will help you succeed in your personal and business life and these are:




Why are these all important? It’s because throughout your quest for knowledge and your self and career evolution, you will need to tap into those 3 to keep you going – one cannot be without the other because the truth of the matter is that when you are pursuing the greater purpose that you were created for, it will will take time, patience, perseverance, faith, belief, sacrifices and yes, money – lots of it, to take you where you’re going.

At the same time, there is one common denominator that we absolutely MUST know how to harness and be responsible for to really and truly succeed in anything we do and that is PEOPLE.  To be able to effectively deal with people, we need all 3 – Inspiration, Motivation and Skills…

So, where are you now in your journey to success? When you think you have finally arrived, think again because it simply means you are ready for the next round.

Please share your comments, your views and which of the three you need most right now…

If you need help in clarifying your direction and helping you move forward regardless of what stage you’re in I would be happy to help you!

Leave your name and email on the box to your right so we can stay connected!

Until We Connect… I am here…


Emma 😉

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6 thoughts on “What Do You Need Most? Inspiration, Motivation or SKILLS?

  1. Oh, how your story relates to mine…I’m getting there, Girlfriend, and this was a great reminder to go full circle and attend another Dani event. I’m sure the takeaway will be very different this time, as well. I met Dani in 2005 and the last event was 2008, so I’m due, for sure.

    One thing you said in this article really stood out and that was finding the right mentors to take you to the next level. That has made all the difference for me…and you. I know everyone has to get to that level of maturity in their plans and growth to spend the time, energy and yes, big money, to align with the people who can make a big difference in results.

    Now you’ve become one of those mentors, Emma! How awesome! I always enjoy your wisdom, so thanks for the great article.


  2. Hey Emma,

    Investing in yourself is the best investment you can make. As your thousands of dollars in various courses finally paid of when you co authored your best selling book “The relationship Age” we are infact living in this age. We make relations first then the business is most likely to happen.

    Thanks for the insight.

  3. Hi Emma,

    Wonderful and powerful post! I was just looking at Dani Johnson’s videos, and I just know that I want to be in some way mentored by her. ..And now, I’m seeing this post of yours, and it all the more assures me that I’m following the right mentors (you are one of them, of course!).

    Your story always inspires me. I totally concur, that inspiration, motivation and skills are essential ingredients to one’s success. I just remembered the recent webinar of Mike Klingler where he explained the difference between perceived and ‘Universal’ value. To answer your question, I am still very much at the early stage of my entrepreneurial journey wherein constant inspiration, motivation and skill building are requirements! But I’m also at the stage where I know that too much emphasis on perceived value won’t cut it anymore. I am just happy that I am now able to involve my husband while truly identifying and implementing our Universal value.

    I’ll definitely would want to be mentored by you, in the future, Emma. And I truly hope you’ll have an event in Asia soon! All the best, and God bless you more!

    – Rowena